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Welcome to the website for the Department of Instructional Technology!

Today’s students live in a digital world and come to school with different expectations and needs. Through the Teaching and Learning Initiative, Henrico schools are preparing students for the 21st-century by providing meaningful instruction and improving academic performance. The Department of Instructional Technology works with teachers, principals, and content specialists to identify and implement digital resources and supporting technologies that will ensure a solid 21st century learning experience for Henrico students.  The department staff includes instructional technology specialists and instructional technology resource teachers who provide consultation, training and support for the integration of technology into the instructional program. Henrico 21 is the overarching concept that embodies this work.

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The partnership between the parents and the school is essential to student success, and we provide a number of resources and suggestions to assist parents with that partnership. Learn how to leverage the technology available in HCPS to help your student achieve academic progress while teaching digital citizenship skills.


Students have a wide range of digital options and resources to expand their learning, and we are committed to supporting the needs of students, helping them to navigate today’s complex digital world, and offering opportunities for them to demonstrate their learning.


Teachers navigate an ever-changing digital landscape as they work with parents and students to provide quality instruction and learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom. We support teachers in their development and use of technology, sound pedagogy, and content knowledge.

Recent Blog Posts

VSTE Conference 2018

By | Staff Development

This week my friend, Alfonso, and I presented at the VSTE Conference in Virginia Beach. We had three sessions. In the first one, “Classroom Clickbait,” we explained how you can use the science and psychology of online clickbait to tap into your students’ curiosity. We used the acronym CLIQS (cliffhangers, lists, images, questions, and secrets)…

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4th Grade Flipgrid Debate

By | 4th Grade, Language Arts, Social Studies, video

Fourth graders at Trevvett Elementary have been studying life in colonial Virginia (VS.4), and they have been learning how to conduct research (SOL4.9) and express an opinion supported by facts (SOL4.7j). Today we reviewed and practiced these concepts with a Flipgrid Debate. Knowing how to have a civil debate is an important citizenship skill which…

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5th Grade Southeast Region Facts & Opinions

By | 5th Grade, Coding, Language Arts, Social Studies

Fifth graders at Trevvett Elementary have been learning about the southeast region of the United States in Social Studies and facts and opinions in Reading (SOL5.6i). Today, students in Ms. Brown’s class created an interactive webpage with facts and opinions about a southeastern state. We used a fantastic new site called Wick that teaches coding…

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2nd Grade Thanksgiving Rounding

By | 2nd Grade, GoogleDocs, Language Arts, Math

Second graders at Trevvett Elementary have been learning about Thanksgiving in Social Studies (SOL2.5h) and how to round two-digit numbers to the nearest ten in Math (SOL2.1d). Today students in Ms. Fletcher’s class created Google slideshows featuring Thanksgiving foods rounded to the nearest ten. First, we discussed their favorite Thanksgiving foods and why we might…

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