About ACA for Business Administration

The Advance College Academy for Business Administration at Highland Springs High School is designed to prepare students for an accelerated academic experience.  Qualified students can begin their future at Highland Springs High School by entering the exciting world of the Advance College Academy for Business Administration (BA).  The ACA for Business Administration at HSHS is for students interested in:

  • Preparing for the rigor of college level coursework,
  • Developing dynamic study skills,
  • Fostering academic confidence,
  • Defining post-secondary academic and career goals,
  • A degree and/or career in Business Administration

Students who apply to a four year college or university may enter taking junior level classes, depending on the college or university.  Therefore, one of the primary goals of ACA is to prepare students for this level of course-work.

ACA for Business Administration at Highland Springs High School provides:

    • Opportunity to transfer 61 credits to colleges and universities,
    • Students graduate with an advanced high school diploma that consists of 33 credits,
    • Strong foundation in communication, critical thinking, analysis, research, and global studies,
    • Introduction to business concepts,
    • Foundation in accounting, and economics,
    • Career counselor to help students determine a career pathway and additional post-secondary education options,
    • College liaison and Learning Communities to help students with the transition from high school to college,
    • Highly qualified Reynolds adjunct faculty to instruct students at Highland Springs High School,
    • Rigorous curriculum that prepares students to continue their education,
    • Students a more competitive advantage entering college.
  • While at Highland Springs High School, ACA students are encouraged to be on the honor roll, participate in extra-curricular activities, maintain a 3.0 GPA and apply for acceptance into the National Honor Society.


With the rapid development of business and industry in Virginia, there is a great demand for qualified personnel in business administration to provide leadership for this economic growth. The Associate of Science degree with a major in Business Administration is designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a baccalaureate degree program in business administration.