Henrico 21: Life Ready Learning Exhibition

What does it mean to be #LifeReady?

Henrico 21 showcases lifereadiness

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

5:30pm – 7:00pm

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

5:30pm – 7:00pm

A Brief History

For the past nine years, the Henrico learning community has come together to celebrate innovative learning with a teacher ceremony and student showcase known as “Henrico 21.”  This year, in honor of its 10th anniversary and our new Henrico  Learner Profile, Henrico 21 will be one exhibition, featuring students, teachers, and leaders together, sharing their school’s best learner-centered experiences to promote the development of critical knowledge, skills, and attributes for life readiness.  

#LifeReadyLearning Is...

Anytime, Anywhere: Henrico 21 promotes the idea that learning continues beyond classroom walls and bell schedules. Learners seek and share answers to questions whenever they are curious, and possess the technology and mindset to learn actively at school, from home, and within the community.

Authentic & Connected: Henrico 21 allows students to exhibit questions and solutions to problems that are important to them and their school. They stand with peers, teachers, and leaders to proudly share the learning process and products that contribute toward outcomes that matter.

Student-Owned: Henrico 21 furthers student ownership of learning as they reflect on and share their experiences with an audience beyond the classroom. Students highlight how they practice student agency by sharing their voice and choice in the learning process and in their products of meaning and significance.

Community Supported: Henrico 21 provides the opportunity for students to represent themselves and their school by sharing their learning experience with their families and community to celebrate their achievements.

What will be Exhibited?

Each Henrico school and program center will exhibit its best example of a high-quality #LifeReadyLearning experience. The exhibition will include details about the learning process, product, and life ready knowledge, skills and attributes gained from the perspective of students, their teacher(s), and schools leader(s).

Who is Invited?

All members of the Henrico learning community are invited to come to witness the best #LifeReadyLearning experiences from across the county.  This includes Henrico families, students, teachers, leaders, businesses, non-profits, organizations and media outlets.

School Participation

Learning Experience Selection

Each school will have the opportunity to provide one learning experience to highlight at the exhibit. This experience should represent an example of high-quality #LifeReady learning.

High Quality Examples Should -

  • Represent #LifeReady learner and facilitator behaviors as defined by the Henrico Learner Profile & Profile Progression
  • Originate as part of a school learning experience that fosters the growth of the learner’s knowledge (VDOE Content Frameworks), skills, and attributes.
  • Produce work samples demonstrating the learning process as well as product(s) of significance and/or purpose
  • Include reflections on the learning experience, referencing the successes and challenges from the perspective of a student(s), teacher(s), and school leadership.

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