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Exceptional Education

Dear HCPS Parents,

This communication is to provide you with clarity regarding what HCPS’ closure means for you as the parent of a student with a disability.

Will my child receive special education services during the closure?

HCPS is following the guidance of the USDOE and the VDOE related to school closures and the provision of special education services. Although HCPS is closed, we are committed to providing all of our students with opportunities for review, enrichment, and pre-learning during the period of the closure. While students with disabilities will not be receiving special education services (including related services such as speech or OT) during the period of the closure, students’ case managers have collaborated with the general education teachers to promote equal access to learning opportunities for students with disabilities. In addition, our integrated services and early childhood special education teachers have worked to provide individualized materials for the students they serve.

Our case managers and service providers will be reaching out to the students on their caseloads periodically throughout the closure to maintain relationships and to check in on students while we are out of school. 

In addition to the materials sent home with your student, the HCPS Virtual Learning website provides a repository of web-based resources that you can access at home with your child during this period of school closure. We will be adding more information with resources specific for students with disabilities throughout the closure.

Remember, virtual Learning is not mandatory.  The Division of Learning has provided teachers with resources to create student experiences which promote continuity of learning and retention of skills during the extended closure. Teachers have been provided guidance regarding the use of these experiences. Students will not be penalized for lack of participation in these virtual learning experiences.

What if my child is in private placement?

Since HCPS is closed, transportation will not be provided for students to private day placements–even if the private school is open. Support services such as interpreters or nurses will not be available during the school closure.  It is the expectation that HCPS students do not attend school during the period of the school closure. Many of the private day schools will be providing students with activities to review and enrich during the period of the closure. If you would like for your student to have access to the review packets provided to comprehensive HCPS students, please reach out directly to your child’s case manager. 

What if my child is receiving homebound or home-based services?

As HCPS is closed, there will be no home-instruction provided during the period of the closure. Home-based facilitators will work to ensure that students served in home-instruction will receive access to the same review and enrichment materials as their peers.

What if we have an upcoming special education meeting?

HCPS is committed to promoting the safety and wellness of our students, families, and staff. We will not be conducting in-person special education meetings during the period of the closure. However, IEP and eligibility timelines must be maintained. As such, you will be provided with opportunities to participate in any required meetings via conference call or virtual meeting. All materials will be provided for your review prior to the meeting via email or USPS. If you are unable to participate in the meeting virtually, the team will move forward with a proposal to meet the timeline requirements, but will reconvene once schools are reopened so that you are able to participate in person.

How should I address individual questions or concerns I may have?

While schools and offices are closed, employees will be checking and responding to voicemail and email. If you have specific questions about your child, please do not hesitate to reach out directly to their case manager and/or school based administrator.

Also, the Exceptional Education Department is committed to providing support and guidance through this period. Our department organizational chart is linked here. Please do not hesitate to reach out directly with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we navigate these unprecedented circumstances.


Donice J. Davenport
Director of Exceptional Education
Henrico County Public Schools

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