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All transportation information is logged into ZippSlipp, at this point. If it is otherwise, we will let you know.

Meanwhile, if you change your address, please submit a change of address form and the accompanying documentary evidence (deed or lease, bill sent to new address, driver license) to Ms. Booker, our registrar.YOu can reach her at 228-2710. Also fill out the attached form and submit it to Ms. Biddle. Transportation 2018-19

For the latest hub information, see this document: Hub Shuttle

If you have questions or problems with transportation, please contact your zone office first. The contact numbers are

Zone 1 – East Area   236-5772 

            Serving Zone High School   Varina

Zone 2 – North Area             261-5075          

Serving Zone High Schools   Hermitage & Tucker

Zone 3 – North/West Area   727-8618 

Serving Zone High Schools   Deep Run & Glen Allen

Zone 4 – West Area 217-6273 

Serving Zone High Schools   Godwin & Freeman

Zone 5 – North/East Area    328-3454 

            Serving Zone High School   Henrico & Highland Springs

The central office Transportation Office can be reached at   226-5577 if you have a more global problem.