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Summer Work (Presumed Knowledge Review) and Supply Lists 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

Thanks to all parents and students of rising freshmen and new students who made it to our Summer Orientation meeting. If you missed it, we will have a reprise next fall once school starts by program level.

Because IB is a program that is always seeking ways to further student learning of the highest quality, aspects of the program are under continual revision. We have revised our concept of “summer work.” In essence, there will be no “summer work” in the traditional sense of a project or assignment that receives a grade in a class.

Instead, summer activities will be programmatic rather than academic or content-driven. 

  • All students should review the “presumed knowledge” for each subject below. Students will be tested on this previously mastered material in the first month of school. If any skills or content is new to the student, he/she should attempt to use the resources provided, study, and contact the teacher for assistance as soon as school starts.
  • Rising sophomores will work on the Personal Project.  The guides have been sent to them via ManageBac.  Rising sophomores may also get caught up on CAS if they were notified that they risked starting the year on probation for not having fulfilled their requirements. They have until September 16 to be up to speed.
  • Rising seniors will work on the Extended Essay and prepare college application essays. Requirements for the partial and complete drafts are here: Getting Started Writing the Extended Essay and Structuring and Formatting your Extended Essay. A partial draft with the first two sections completed was turned in prior to school’s close. A COMPLETE DRAFT OF THE EE IS DUE IN TOK (to Turnitin.com), TO SUPERVISORS (either in hard copy or electronically), and to BIDDLE via SCHOOLOGY ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16.  The complete guide has been sent to students via ManageBac. They may also work on their CAS project, a group activity which each Diploma Candidate must organize with others to show organization and leadership, in addition to their yearly activities. Students who were identified as not having completed their CAS requirements for junior year must also get caught up by September 16 in order to avoid loss of diploma candidate status. 
  • For juniors or seniors who will not be taking DP English 11 or 12, you are responsible for the HHS summer reading assignment: Summer Reading 2019 High School Final
  • For all AP summer work: 

Because we always encourage students to read — for pleasure as well as enlightenment — please feel free to peruse the lists below of suggested books to read before college.

From GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/8402.Books_Every_High_School_Student_Should_Read

For SAT/ACT prep: https://blog.prepscholar.com/books-to-read-in-high-school

Books for life readiness: https://thescholarshipsystem.com/blog-for-students-families/10-great-books-for-the-college-aged-kids/

We also encourage all rising sophomores, juniors and seniors to think about college. Our school website has many resources. If you don’t know where to start, try this http://www.petersons.com/college-search.aspx or this, http://www.mymajors.com/,  or this https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/find-colleges/how-to-find-your-college-fit/college-search-step-by-step


In order for students’ minds not to go fallow and so that students feel confident entering school in the fall, please find below links to useful review pages prepared by our teachers. It is also important that all students enter the next school year knowing what teachers have expected them to retain from last year. So, while there is no mandatory product, students and their parents should refresh the information and skills students are accountable for from last year to be ready for tests in the first month of school. Subjects are indicated alphabetically. If documents are from a previous year, it means the requirements have not changed. 

MYP Algebra 2: MYPAlgebra2PresumedKnowledgeMaterials1617 (remains the same for 19-20

MYP Art: IB9Visual-Arts-supplylist  and Art_Knowledge_Supplies-IBMYP-Level-5-Art (1)

DP Biology: HL Biology Presumed Knowledge (MC)SL Biology Presumed Knowledge 2016 (remains the same for  19-20)

(The text you will use is IB Biology Course Book 2014 edition:Oxford IB Diploma Program, ISBN: 978-0-19- 839211-8)

MYP Biology:(Students may use any search engine, book or resource to find this information) MYP Biology Presumed Knowledge 2017  (remains the same for 19-20)

MYP Chemistry: Presumed Knowledge for IB MYP Chemistry  (remains the same for 19-20)

DP Chemistry: SL Chemistry Presumed KnowledgeHL Chem Presumed Knowledge (remains same for 19-20)

MYP and DP Drama: Theatre Presumed knowledge20172018 (remains same for 19-20)

MYP English 9:Presumed-Knowledge_English-9-IBMYP Hess

MYP English 10: IFrost_BookList_Presumed Knowledge_Supplies 

DP English 11: AP_common_allusionsLiterary Terminology2019-2020English 11 ExpectedKnowledge

DP English 12: 2019 IB English 12 Information and Supply List2019 Presumed Knowledge IB 12How to Read Literature Like a Professor Study Guide

MYP Extended Math: Extended Math Presumed Knowledge 1718 (remains the same for 19-20)

MYP and DP French: Presumed Knowledge_ French for freshmen (remains the same for 19-20)

MYP Geometry:presumed-knowledge_MYP-Geometry

MYP History 10: Individuals and Society Yr 5 presumed knowledge17_18 (remains same for 19-20)

DP History: History of the Americas (11): IBDP US History Presumed Knowledge (remains same for 19-20)

DP History: World Topics (12) :World Topics Presumed Knowledge (remains same for 19-20)

DP Math Applications: 2016-17 IBDP Mathematics and Math Studies Calculator lists (remains the same for 2019-20)

DP Math Analysis: IB Mathematics SL (remains the same for 2019-20)

MYP PE: IB 9 PE PRESUMED KNOWLEDGEIB PE10 Presumed Knowledge (remains same for 19-20)

DP Psychology:Presumed Knowledge for Psychology HLPresumed Knowledge for Psychology SL (remains same for 19-20)

Textbook excerpt here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XFWrYhiGvJQJ7xjrrJGZLpiEym2k5HW8/view?usp=sharing 

The text you will use is the IB Psychology: Study Guide for the IB Diploma by Jette Hannibal, ISBN 9781447990659

DP and MYP Spanish: Spanish MYP 2-4 presumed knowledge (Remains same for 19-20)

Spanish 5 Course Introduction-Summer Review (2)

DP Spanish VI Presumed knowledge

MYP Standard Math:Standard Math Presumed Knowledge 2016-2017 (remains the same for 19-20)

TOK:   The text is Theory of Knowledge by Alchin and Henly (2014,  Hodder Press. It is available on Amazon.com)

World History and Geography 2: Presumedknowledge_WH2_09SUPPLY_WH2_09 (remains the same 19-20)

In terms of generic supplies, we suggest erasable pens, pencils, highlighting markers, colored pencils, 3-ring binders, hardbound journals, folders, post-its, day planner/organizer,  and a good thumb drive.


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