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Statistics show our Success!!

Our statistics speak for themselves. Henrico HS IB program offers students not only access to the wonderful IB experience but it also provides them with the ability to achieve at the highest levels.

  • In Virginia, the 2013 average DP subject grade was a 4.3 in 2013.Our average score was a 4.81.
  • The 2013 state average of points to achieve the diploma was 28. Our average diploma score was a 30.
  • Statewide, the 2013 pass rate average for subjects was 73.93%. Our average pass was 89.6%. Twelve of our 19 subjects exceed 90% pass rate.
  • Worldwide, the average score was 3.7. Our average score was a 4.8
  • The average diploma score worldwide was 29.9. Our average score was 30.
  • The worldwide pass rate was 78.9%. Our pass rate was 89.6%. 
  • The worldwide diploma achievement rate in in the high 79%. Our diploma achievement rate in 2015 was 93%!!

In addition to this high level of achievement, our students are also accepted in larger percentages to Virginia’s top colleges and receive scholarship offers. The Class of 2015, 75 students was offered nearly $7.5 million in scholarships.

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