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Subject Overviews: Diploma Program Course Documents

On this page, you may find downloadable versions of all of our course descriptions, outlines, and class policies. They are listed by course and  by teacher. All plans are subject to change.

Language A: English HL

English 11: Young IBDP Subject Overview 2017-2018

English 12: Henly IB English 12 Year Plan 2017-2018

Language B: Chinese, French or Spanish SL or HL

Chinese: IBDP Chinese Overview Level V & VI_ 11 and 12 grades (1)

French: IBDP_French DP_V VI_ 11 and 12 grades (003)

Spanish: Major DP Spanish Subject overview

History:  History of the Americas (11) and World History Topics (12)SL or HL

History of the Americas: Schmidt IBDP IBUS 2017-2018

World History Topics: IB 20th Century World Topics Class Syllabus , History 12 IBDP Subject Overview

Science: Biology SL or HL and Chemistry SL or HL

Biology: Nelson HL Biology Overview 17_18 , SL Subject Overview 17_18


Mathematics:  MYP Extended Math, Mathematics SL or Math Studies SL

MYP Standard Math: Standard Math Schwieder Subject Overview 2017 – 2018Standard Math Schwieder Syllabus 09012017

MYP Extended Math: 2017-18 Subject Overview extended math.doc

Math Studies SL: IBDP Math Studies SL Overview Acheampong

Mathematics SL: Schwieder Math SL Subject Overview Updated 2017Math SL Schwieder Syllabus 09012017

Electives: Psychology SL or HL, Theatre SL or HL, or Visual Arts HL

Psychology: Lyndaker Psychology SL Subject Overview 2017-2018Lyndaker Psychology HL Subject Overview 2017-2018

Theatre: DPMYP Theatre Arts_EngelWelcome.policiesDPTheatre_EngelCourse Outline1718Engel_DPTheatreSubject_Overview_Updated_201718

Visual Arts: YearPlanVisualArts2017-18

Theory of Knowledge: 

Henly_Hollowell TOK 12 Subject Overview 2017-2018




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