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Living the Learner Profile

In an effort to make the Learner Profile a real and authentic part of curriculum and instruction, the IB faculty has been working since school started on subject area Learner Profile statements. The next step is for these statements to be published into posters for each classroom. These statements will be included in course syllabi.

IB’s Learner Profile: learner-profile-en

You can find how we interpret these ideals into our subjects below:

English/Language A: The Language A Learner Profile

World Language/Language B: The World Language Learner Profile

History, Humanities, and Psychology: The History and Social Sciences Learner Profile

Sciences: The Science Learner Profile

Mathematics: The Mathematics Learner Profile

The Arts and Design Technology: The Arts and Design Technology Learner Profile

Health and PE: The Health and Physical Education Learner Profile

Theory of Knowledge: TheTheoryofKnowledgeLearnerProfile

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