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Earning the IB Diploma

In order to be an IB Diploma Candidate, juniors must have had a C or better in all of their classes, have completed their Personal Project and fulfilled all the Action and Service requirements in the Middle Years Program.

As juniors, students just continue to maintain a C or better in their classes. In order to examine as an “anticipated candidate,” juniors must have a C or better at the semester and have completed the internal assessment to be allowed to examine.

To continue in the Diploma Program, rising seniors must be up to date with their CAS requirements at the end of their junior year. Seniors must have turned in a COMPLETE draft of their Extended Essay in September in order to be registered as Diploma Candidates. Seniors must maintain a C average or better in all their classes and complete the internal assessments in order to be allowed to examine in each subject.

To earn the diploma, students must pass both the extended essay and Theory of Knowledge. They must also earn 24 points, with 12 points in their HL classes. Please see the attached handout that explains further requirements: 2015 diploma conditions document