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Applying to and Accepting HHS IB



The HHS IB program offers students a superlative education with a proven history of high performance results. Because we are an IB World School, we are bound to the quality control processes of planning, instruction, assessment and reflection, and periodic review that are the bases of educational best practice. Our students are accepted to the top colleges in the state and the country and continue on into careers that are making a difference.

If you are a current student in HCPS, please go here for the online application: http://henricoschools.us/specialty-centers/ .It will be available on November 19, 2018. Make sure you contact your school counselor for more information and for school internal deadlines. The final deadline for online submission is January 18, 2019.

If you are a private school student or are coming to us from out of district/state, please use the paper application you can find here: http://henricoschools.us/specialty-centers/. Private school students must also take the standardized and writing tests HCPS students have taken in school. To sign up for these tests, please go to the above site.

International Baccalaureate Online Application UPDATE: If you are a Henrico County Public School eighth grader interested in applying to the IB Programs at Henrico and/or Tucker High Schools, please note that applying to both IB schools is no longer considered a ‘No Preference’ selection as the pop-up and other materials may convey.  Instead, the applications made to both sites will be evaluated independently by each school, and the applicant will receive a separate status response from each of them.  Should the student be accepted by both schools, the student will have the opportunity to select his/her preference.  If a student is accepted to one IB site but not the other, the status is not transferrable. 

Learn more about us at the four information sessions as well on 9/26, (Varina), 10/4 (Henrico), 10/9 (Freeman), and 10/15 (Tucker). All sessions start at 7 pm. Our Open House will be 10/25 at 7 pm. We offer shadowing on Mondays through the end of December, on a first come, first served basis with at least a week’s notice. Finally, accepted and waitlisted students will be offered a tour on March 18, 2019, 10:00-11:30.

We invite you to either continue your IB journey if you attend Fairfield, Moody or Tuckahoe MS or start a great educational journey in IB with us! 

Notification of acceptance will be online via the application portal on Friday, March 8, at 4:30.  Students will be designated “Selected,” “Not selected,” or “Wait-listed.” Students may choose to accept ONE school and remain on ONE wait-list. Students who are not accepted at any school may stay on two wait lists. The deadline for these commitments, which must be done online, is Friday, March 22. Students on wait-lists have until March 29 to accept an offer from a wait-list. 

On Friday, March 8, accepted students will receive an email from HHS with the acceptance packet of information attached: acceptance commitment form, course schedule request form, and transportation information sheet.  All private school wait-list students will receive the wait-list commitment form.  All accepted and wait-list students are also invited to a morning tour at Henrico High School to assist in their final decision making on Monday, March 18, 10:00-11:30 . Parents are also invited. 

If you need the forms sent to you via email, they are here:

All students who are coming from HCPS schools are automatically registered at HHS upon your acceptance. If you are new the the county, however, because you have attended a private school or are coming from out of district, you will need to register. Here is what you will need to do and how to do it:  REGISTRATION Checklist 2018

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Biddle at 228-2745 or plbiddle@henrico.k12.va.us.