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College IB Recognition Policies

Many students and parents are rightly concerned with how an IB education will enable students to get into the best colleges and be a success there. In terms of admissions, IB put students head and shoulders above their peers. Because of IB’s international reputation of rigorous intellectual challenge and character education, colleges know that IB students are ready for the college challenge.

IB is dedicated to seeing that its students are recognized, especially in college admission. This site has all of their recognition policies,  updates, and subject briefs for colleges to understand IB curriculum: http://www.ibo.org/recognition/resourcesanddocumentlibrary/moreresources/.

The Virginia Assembly to mandate that all state colleges and universities recognize IB exams, Standard and Higher Level, equally or higher than AP exams. While the chart below does not yet reflect those changes, schools have until May 31 to demonstrate their compliance. The Mid-Atlantic Association of IB Schools has hired a consultant who will monitor compliance in recognition. Virginia’s schools can be viewed here: 2010-VirginiaGrid-8×14

 The Mid-Atlantic Association of IB World Schools also has a task force that was a driving force behind that legislation and continuing efforts to see it implemented. To learn more about what has been done, please see here: http://www.ibmidatlantic.org/College_Credit.html 

This phenomenon is not just isolated to Virginia. Please look at the following charts that show how Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, Texas, and Massachussetts recognize IB accomplishment. Note how many schools see the IB Diploma as credential for admission as well as how many schools grant Diploma holders second year status.

B World Schools is active in pursuing this endeavor of IB recognition nationwide. See the documents pursuant to that cause here : http://www.ibmidatlantic.org/College_Credit.html

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