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Action and Service, CAS and ManageBac: 2018-19

In 2008, IBO changed the focus of CAS from an “hours accrual” activity to a life, growth and change activity in which students worked on non-cognitive but very essential skills. While middle school may still count hours, Action and Service, the high school MYP form of CAS does not. Please read about it in the following booklets:DP CAS guide 2015 for exams 2017 and Developing Service and Action in MYP. The essence of CAS is  rooted in these Learner Outcomes:

  • increasing awareness of your own strengths and areas for growth
  • undertaking new challenges
  • planning and initiating activities
  • working collaboratively with others
  • showing perseverance and commitment in your activities
  • engaging with issues of global importance
  • considering the ethical implications of your actions
  • developing new skills

The focus is now on identifying areas of growth through the learner outcomes and students’ own personal needs, planning and carrying out activities that foster that growth, and then reflecting on that growth. IBO considers CAS to be where students carry over their MYP Areas of Interaction into their budding adult lives through experiential learning. For a matrix that explains this: Experiential Learning Matrix. Here are questions to consider for reflection and samples of what reflections look like: Sample_Reflection2

IB also wants students to connect what they are learning in the classroom with action and service in the real world. To that end, every MYP subject must have a unit that inquires into service or action or inquires and DOES service or action as a part of the activities in the unit.

For 2018-19 we will continue to require a combination of service activities and personal activity and creativity goals for each student. This way, students have a model of what goals should look like, have structured activities to participate in, and have more “hands-on” guidance on the reflection and evaluation process. With this basis, students can more confidently create their personal goals and pursue them, using the Design Cycle. Please look at the plans here 2018-19 Action and Service Made Simple_MYP and 2018-19 CAS Made Simple_DP Students must still fulfill the required number of goals for their level — 8 activities for 9th grade, 4 service activities and one personal creative or activity goal for 10th, 4 goals yearly (2 service and 2 personal) for 11th and 12th with a project that spans both years, covers two aspects and learner outcomes, and demonstrates leadership and collaboration. Students will be assigned to a CAS Supervisor in September who will oversee registration and documentation through ManageBac. Please see assignments on ManageBac. They are listed by grade level, students in alphabetical order with a teacher assigned to a group in the alphabet. We tried to group them so that teachers who teach that grade level have students who would be in their classes for “supervisee’s.” 

To record your CAS evidence, questions and reflections, we use ManageBac. To sign in to ManageBac, please go here (and bookmark this site!): https://henricohs.managebac.com/login. Please see the following tutorials if you have questions — or go see Mr. Rigler.CAS_StudentGuide

For all additional information and support, email Mr. Rigler @ rtrigler@henrico.k12.va.us. 

Students will be evaluated every 9 weeks to determine if they are on track.  Seniors must have all their CAS completed by the time exams begin in May. Sophomores must be complete May as well. Freshman and Juniors must be on track having accomplished 2 or 4 goals, accordingly, (and having started a CAS Project for juniors) by the end of the school year or they will be placed on probation. Students will have until September 1 to correct their deficits. Seniors who are not caught up will be registered as Course Students for IB exams and will no longer be eligible for the IB Diploma.

To make sure students are working proactively on CAS requirements, the following forms must be filled out and signed by parents by October 3. For grades 9 and 10, it is turned in through history class: A&S Planning Worksheet_MYP. For grades 11 and 12, it is turned in through TOK: CAS Planning Worksheet_DP

In addition to CAS requirements, students may also work towards the Community Service Learning medallion on their Virginia Diploma. This requires 80 hours of community service, pre-approved by Ms. Nicole Thornton, and documented with the appropriate forms and signatures. Please see  HCPS website , http://www.henrico.k12.va.us/students/volunteer.html or Mr. Rigler for details.

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