Academic Honesty Website

Please click here to access Henrico County Public Schools’ IB Academic Honesty Website.

At the site, please click on each of the five “buttons at the top — Philosophy, Practice, Definitions, Practice and Responsibilities — and read the content on each page. On each page, you can also click on the video links for a streaming overview of each page. The “quiz” function is down for now, but students have been provided with a copy of that quiz in seminar.

The policy itself: Organization_Code of Academic Honesty

To be registered for assessments and exams, students must submit the Honesty Contract: Henrico High School Academic Honesty Contract

As well, HHS IB has a Maintaining Good Standing policy and contract: Maintaining Good Standing HS 2017-18

IB’s Policies per their publications:Academic Honesty in DPAcademic Honesty in IB Ed ContextEffective Citing and ReferencingHonesty Poster