Jan 16

Danielle Freeman-Jefferson, IB senior, was invited to the Post-Inaugural Brunch with Pam Northam this weekend. She was also interviewed by rvamag: “She’d [First Lady Northam] brought several of the girls she works with, including Danielle Freeman-Jackson, a senior at Henrico High School, who told us what the day meant for her. “It’s big. She’s not just Ralph Northam’s wife, she’s a successful woman in STEM. I’m going into STEM, and it’s so empowering to see her with Angela Patton, supporting girls of color like myself.”

Oct 2

Go here to read the first of this year’s Henrico Free Press, a student run newspaper for HHS! It is sponsored by IB English and TOK teacher, Ms. Kristina Schools. https://henricofreepress.wordpress.com/

Sep 26

Ms. Mattax, MYP Visual Arts 9 and 10 teacher, enjoyed a considerable success with her work shown in Atlanta, GA!

May 24

Even in the midst of IB exams, seniors Tassos Karles and Ashwin Chetty participated in and received recognition at this year’s Virginia Junior Academy of Science. Chetty received third place and Karles received honorable mention!

Way to go IB Warriors!

Apr 21

Mrs. Schools’ sophomore English class portrayed their tableaus on a chosen scene from Oedipus Rex

Mar 14

Congratulations Selik Morishetty ( 10 th grade for your) outstanding accomplishment at 25 th Annual Metro Richmond STEM fair!

Selik’s scientific research paper : Alginate Hydrogel Beads in Controlled Drug Delivery Applications” was submitted and presented at Metro STEM fair at Huguenot High school on March 11th 2017.

Selik won two distinguished awards as follows:

1st place for his research paper and presentation in senior chemistry category. He is now being selected to present at State science fair.

1st place by “The Virginia Section of the American Chemical Society” for his outstanding achievement in Chemistry division.

This is a great honor for Selik and HHS IB program! Special thanks to Mrs. Kwarta Chandler-Science teacher to offer her support into this process.

Mar 9

If you are and you lost the email or the forms, please go to the page to the right entitled “Applying to and Accepting HHS IB”! We can’t wait to see you!

Feb 9

Global issues Forum 2017


For more pictures (credit James Dickinson, Collegiate School), go here: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMWM_DmiEk3V5EPbFIPi-r7RsgQMO2lUBUjKlLXxfnmJhsgW6WzpFy83cxfgr9TNQ?key=T0VrZzJsWElMLXVDMlVTaU5ReWtqOVBRTzFONDh3 

Feb 9

Best one yet!! 100% participation!


Jan 25

Notification of acceptance will be online via the application portal on Friday, March 10, at 4:30.  Students will be designated “Accepted,” “Not Accepted,” or “Wait-listed.” Students may choose to accept ONE school and remain on ONE wait-list. Students who opt not to accept any schools may remain on two wait-lists. The deadline for these commitments, which must be done online, is Friday, March 24. Students on wait-lists have until April 7 to accept an offer from a wait-list. 

On Friday, March 10, accepted students will receive an email from HHS with the acceptance packet of information attached: acceptance commitment form, course schedule request form, and transportation information sheet.  All wait-list students will receive the wait-list commitment form. All accepted and wait-list students are also invited to a morning tour at Henrico High School to assist in their final decision making on Monday, March 13, 9:30-11:00. Parents are also invited. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Biddle at 228-2745 or plbiddle@henrico.k12.va.us.

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