HHS Literary Magazine 2015-2016 is here!


In 2015-2016 we take another exciting stride towards the newly renovated Henrico High School. If you have passed by recently, you will have noticed a brand new administration building, and signs of transformation in progress almost everywhere on campus, as we continue the first campus-wide renovation since the school was built in 1963.
So, what should this year’s theme be for our Literary Magazine? We chose “transformations.” As our campus transforms from the much-loved “old,” into the inspiring “new,” and as our students contemplate their transition into the adult world, let them delight you with their reflections and creativity.
We present to you
The Henrico High School Literary Magazine, 2015-2016,
Editor: Alice Anne Ellis
​Librarian, Henrico High School

Books that Change Lives

Your HHS Library is excited to present Books that Change Lives, a rotating exhibit of book selections and reviews from your very own HHS teaching staff and administration!  We hope you will enjoy this look into these titles that have had a profound and inspiring effect on those who are dedicated to building our Warriors’ dreams one brick at a time.  Swing by the library to see these choices displayed, or follow the link to browse suggested titles and find them in our catalog!

Books that Change Lives

Reading Warriors at Longan

Our champion field hockey players all did a fantastic job sharing their love of reading with Kindergarten and first grade classes at Longan, ES. All the classroom teachers were impressed with their ability to connect with the young students and promote curiosity and inquiry with their follow-up discussion questions. The students and teaching staff asked for our volunteers to return soon, and we are hoping to coordinate another event for this coming Spring. Our next Reading Warriors event will take place at Mehfoud ES on December 15th, with our football players representing Warrior Nation.IMG_2835

TED Talk Tuesdays are Here!



TED Talk Tuesdays begin next week in your library!  Swing by the library to pick up a ticket and pass so you can spend your lunch period enjoying this special weekly viewing event.  TED talks cover a variety of topics within Technology, Entertainment and Design.  Space is limited, and ALL students are highly encouraged to attend, so make sure to get your ticket early!

Our first TED Talk Tuesday will take place Tuesday, October 28th. See you there!

Literati is here!

“Warning: Only citable, accurate, verifiable information will be found as a result of doing this search.”

This is the sentence that appears underneath the search box of this wonderful research tool, now available for FREE from ANY computer, laptop or device with an IP address in Virginia. No library card or log-in necessary!!

Literati is an incredibly user-friendly research tool provided by the State of Virginia.  Not only will it help find credible sources for your research, but the wealth of information that it finds for you is presented in a way that is engaging and intuitive.  Searching the Literati database will allow you to simultaneously look for books, journal and encyclopedia articles, newspapers, and a variety of other media (i.e. images and videos) that are available. Special features include ready-made citations, interactive “mind-maps” that allow you to explore a topic on a whole new level, options for streaming or downloading audio versions of the articles you find… the list goes on and on!

Not only is it a fantastic resource for research, Literati also offers Homework Help, a FREE online service to students of every age.  State-certified teachers are available every weekday afternoon and evening between the hours of 3:00-9:00PM (and 9:00AM-3:00PM on Saturdays!) and are ready and willing to assist students with homework in Math, Reading, and Writing.

What are you waiting for?  Get to it! Check out Literati right now! It’s free, it’s fabulous, and, dare we say, it’s fun!

Read Across America Day 2014

We had a number of volunteers from our HHS Distinguished Gentlemen’s group as well as from Ms. Daniel’s 9th grade class join us for a wonderful day at Laburnum Elementary’s Read Across America Day celebration.  Librarians worked with HHS students over a number of sessions to work on reading aloud and public speaking skills.  On the day of the event, each student was paired with a classroom at Laburnum, and proceeded to share their stories with the elementary students.  All of those involved had such a wonderful time celebrating our love of reading and literacy, that we are hoping to continue bringing our volunteers throughout the year for similar programs through Laburnum Elementary’s library!  Thank you, Laburnum, for inviting us to take part in your wonderful event!

photo 1

School-Wide Poetry Out Loud Competition

Congratulations to the winners of our Poetry Out Loud competition, held at Henrico High School Library!  From the Poetry Out Loud website:

“The National Endowment for the Arts and the Poetry Foundation have partnered with U.S. state arts agencies to support Poetry Out Loud, a contest that encourages the nation’s youth to learn about great poetry through memorization and recitation. This program helps students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about their literary heritage.”

Our poetry unit consisted of several weeks of working with 21 separate classes, teaching oral presentation skills according to the POL rubric, with the aim of reciting a poem with clear articulation, expression, modulation of tone, gestures, and overall interpretation of the meaning of the poem. The students did a wonderful job, and really presented what we believe to be the best performances we’ve seen yet!

Faith Benson and Maria Edwards will be moving on to compete in the Regional competition in February. We are so very proud of them, and of all of the students who memorized and performed their poems with such enthusiasm and poise.  Thank you to all of our participants, and their teachers who worked so hard in collaboration with the Library to make this event possible!