Cardinal Creation Carts: Captivating Learners through Critical Thinking

How do you put students in the driver’s seat of their own learning? Give them 21st century tools that harness their natural creativity and curiosity, while honing skills for their future.

Fair Oaks Elementary School is brimming with young minds that are eager to learn, and engage in new opportunities. However, with 100% of students receiving free and reduced lunch and breakfast, most of our student body do not have access to technology at home.

Our Cardinal Creation Carts are designed to give students hands on learning experiences with technology that directly relate to math and reading skills.  

Your donation to our Cardinal Creation Carts, would help fund exciting learning and creation tools. With a range of giving options, you can choose a donation that fits in your budget.

Number of people impacted by this project: 1,148
372 Students
744 Parents
32 Teachers
Grade(s): K-5  Subject(s): All
Funding goal = $4,260

Number of donors: 9

Amount Received:  $517.49

Amount Remaining: $3,742.51

Days Remaining: —

Last updated: 6/16/18

Items Amount
(3) Legos, Magnets, and Building Blocks ($35 each) $105
(4) VR Headsets ($40 each) $160
(4) Makey-Makeys ($50 each) $200
Green Screen and Green Screen App for devices $60
(8) Osmo Explorer and Activity Kits ($85 each) $680
(8) Ozobots ($100 each) $800
(3) Sphero Robots ($130 each) $390
(3) Industrial Carts ($135 each) $405
(2) LittleBits Starter’s Kit ($190 each)  $380
(4) iPod Touch ($200 each)  $800
Dash and Dot Robot Wonder Pack $280
Total $4,260

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