Apr 15

Great Depression Photograph Archives

“During the Great Depression, The Farm Security Administration—Office of War Information (FSA-OWI) hired photographers to travel across America to document the poverty that gripped the nation, hoping to build support for New Deal programs being championed by F.D.R.’s administration.”

Original Source – Yale Launches an Archive of 170,000 Photographs Documenting the Great Depression | Open Culture Posted from Diigo via IFTTT

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Possible Unit(s) of Discussion:

Great Depression

How to use in the classroom: 

Thinking about the quote that starts this post, it could be interesting to have students search the Photogrammar archive of Great Depression photos and then use one these photos to create an advertisement for specific new deal agencies that they choose or have been assigned.

Along with choosing their image, students would need to justify their choice of image by answering the following questions:

  • What were the goals of your New Deal agency?
  • Why do you intend to use this particular picture for your advertisement? How will it help to convey the meaning and/or goals of your agency?
  • What additional text and/or image(s) will you use to create your advertisement? Explain how these additions will strengthen your message and gain support for your agency.




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