May 16

The Spread of U.S. Slavery Infographic

The Spread of US Slavery

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Original Source – The Spread of U.S. Slavery, 1790–1860 Posted from Diigo via IFTTT

Possible Unit(s) of Discussion:

Westward Expansion, Civil War, Reconstruction

How to use in the classroom: 

This is one of the coolest interactive maps I have ever found. Along with creating the map, the author also wrote an informative post about what he learned from the map, which might be interesting to share with students. However, before sharing this article with your students, have them explore the map on their own. Students could discuss the following questions and use specific information from the map to justify their answers.

  • What do you notice/wonder?
  • What role did slavery play in Westward Expansion?
  • Pretend this map was available in 1860. Role play one (or all) of the following individuals and react to the map:
    • Lincoln
    • A southern plantation owner
    • An abolitionist
    • A slave
    • A free African American
  • What role did slavery play in the Civil War?
  • If the Civil War had not happened, was the end of slavery “inevitable?”
  • It is 1865 and you are in charge of Reconstruction efforts in the South. Use this map to diagnose problems that must be addressed and propose possible solutions to these problems.

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