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  1. faith stevens says:

    hi hope you class is acting grate

  2. Andrea Bonilla says:

    Hi ms.Theakston how are you ? the 7th grade is going great.

  3. samuel woolridge says:

    hi this is samuel how are u??

  4. Andrea Bonilla says:

    hi mrs.theakston its Andrea i miss elementary but i am liking elko how are you?

  5. Raenata Edler says:

    hey Mrs. Theakston this is Raenata Edler your fourth grade student from Donahoe elementry i just want you know that i miss and that i am 15 years old and in the ninth grade at East Bladen High and i miss u

    • hatheaks says:

      Hello Raenata! I am so glad to hear from you. I cannot believe that you are already in high school. It seems like yesterday that you were in my fourth grade class. I miss you too.

  6. jashaun says:

    hey mrs theakston i miss you

    • hatheaks says:

      Hello Jashaun. How is middle school? I really miss seeing you at Donahoe. Mrs. Dunham said that you were doing really well in your advanced math class. I am so proud of you.

  7. Carina says:

    hey Mrs.Theakston I just came to say hi and I miss you so much

  8. Amanda Rumans says:

    Hey mrs.Theakston i hope you are having a great winter brake but I do have a little cold but i’m ok! (i have a new email its pandaacdanda@gmail.com)

  9. Nathan says:

    hey Mrs. Theakston I like middle school but not more that elementary. One day I’m coming back to visit you. I miss Donahoe πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  10. Eric Bell says:

    hey Mrs. Theakston i miss u a lot how have you been doing

  11. Sydney says:

    Hey Mrs. Theakston! How is Donahoe going? I miss seeing you and Donahoe! I saw that you are teaching 2nd grade and I know that you are doing great at teaching 2nd grade! I just wanted to say hi and maybe I can visit Donahoe again!

    • hatheaks says:

      Hello Sydney. The school year is going well. I am teaching second grade this year and I appreciate your kind words. We all would love to see you again. I hope that middle school is going well.

      Mrs. Theakston

  12. Amanda Rumans says:

    hey Mrs.Theakston i miss you hope your having a good weekend see you on Tuesday

  13. Brooke says:

    I miss you so much Mrs.Theakston

  14. Michaela❀️ says:

    I miss you Mrs.theakeston

  15. Tameya says:


  16. Tameya says:

    imu so much hope u are having a great summer I am I am going somewhere everyday besides Friday and still going places on Fridays sometimes I go places but this sat I might go to bush gardens or watercontry

    [imu=I miss you ]

  17. Lesli says:

    Hi mis.theakston i have a new bunny i got it today his name is pand he is sleeping right now.and se all love him his color is white with black. Wont run alway but it will still hop a round.

  18. Carina says:

    Hey Mrs.Theakston, how are you doing today, just came to say hi.

  19. Amanda c rumans says:

    I FOUND MY GLASSES . I CAN SEE IT’S A MIRACLE. :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Shiayzhia says:

    I am very happy that the babys are hatch at our school

  21. William says:

    Hello Mrs. Theakston I am glad to be in stem camp again this year and hope to have fun in stem camp. How has your school year going?

    • hatheaks says:

      Hello William,
      I am so excited about STEM Camp this year. We are going to have so much fun.

      My school year is going well. I hope that your year is going well too. I hardly get to see you at all. I miss all of my students from last year. Luckily I will get to have some of you in STEM Camp.

      Have a great spring break.
      Mrs. Theakston

  22. Jeremiah says:

    I love that metric song Mrs.Theakston thank for showing us it today have a good weekend – Jeremia

    • hatheaks says:

      Hello Jeremiah,
      I loved the songs too. I strongly believe that if you can hear a concept in song it will be easier to remember. I also know that you love all music.

      I hope that you have a great weekend too.
      Mrs. Theakston

  23. Stephaine says:

    We sure did get a lot of rain today… OK I asked for warm weather, but nothing worse than 6 feet of snow!!!

    • hatheaks says:

      Hello Stephanie.
      I cannot believe the amount of rain we have gotten this afternoon. I hope the storm passes quickly. We have had lightening and thunder and my dogs are terrified of thunder.

  24. Stephaine says:

    We sure did get a lot of rain today. Ok I asked for warm weather, but not anything worse than 6 feet of snow!!!

  25. Lesli says:


    • hatheaks says:

      Hello Lesli. I have had a very fun and busy weekend. Reece and I had college things to do this weekend and then he had an indoor game. I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.
      Mrs. Theakston

  26. tameya says:

    hello ms.theakston how is your snow brake going i want to come back to your class it was fun how is reese and taylor doing and mr.theakston do u still have my picture on your fridge and also if i come to your class can u give me project to do NOT A BIG ONE PLEEEASE see you soon have a good rest of the snow break

    • hatheaks says:

      Hello Tameya,
      I am loving break but I am ready to get back to school. The main road in front of my house was finally cleared today.

      The boys have loved the snow. I am going to put pictures up of the boys playing in the snow.

      Yes, your Valentine’s Day drawing is still up on my refrigerator and I look at it every morning when I walk into the kitchen. What kind of project do you want to complete? I think that it should be a math project.

      Mrs. Theakston

  27. Shiayzhia says:

    HI my cousin want to say hi

  28. Lesli says:

    My baby sister is born

  29. Lesli says:

    hi Mrs. Theaskston are you having a good winter break because I am.

  30. Amanda says:

    I meant Mrs. theakston

    • hatheaks says:

      I am glad that your temperature is better. Everyone who saw my beautiful scarf loved it. It looks like I will have to hold off wearing it until after Christmas. I cannot believe that it is going to be in the 70’s Christmas Eve and Christmas. My boys will probably be in shorts for Christmas Eve festivities.
      Mrs. Theakston

  31. Amanda says:

    My tepecher is beter i can’t wait to play with my cosines at crismass i hope your friends like your scarf. I miss you Mrs. theackston !!!!

  32. Amanda says:

    hi mrs.theakston I had a fever on Friday that was 103 than a little over 100 . i am feeling better

    • hatheaks says:

      Amanda, I am so sorry that you were not feeling well Friday. I hope that your temperature is back to normal.
      I am meeting some friends for lunch tomorrow and I am going to wear my “Panda” scarf.

      Mrs. Theakston

  33. Manar says:

    My temeture is 98.5 Fahrenheit lets hope it doesn’t get lower then 95 Fahrenheit!

    • hatheaks says:

      I am so glad you sent me a message on our blog. Are you feeling better? Around 98 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for people so I hope your temperature does not drop lower.
      Mrs. Theakston

  34. Amanda says:

    hi mrs.theakston ! long divison is tough but i’ll get the hang of it. # best teacher ever!

    • hatheaks says:

      Hello Amanda. I know long division can be challenging. It takes a great deal of practice. I know you will get the hang of it because you are a smart young lady.
      Mrs. Theakston

  35. Derron says:

    Hey Mrs Theakston see you tomorrow

  36. Antoniyah says:

    is 20time51=102o because i need help on that ……..

  37. Brandy says:

    Hi Mrs. Theakston how are you?
    Middle School is great and the IB program is a bit challenging but I made A’s and B’s on my report card I also turned 12 last Sunday (11/22/15)
    I just wanted to give you an update and I will always miss being in your class!!

  38. Antoniyah says:

    Hey mrs.theakston i had a good day today are having a good thanksgiving break

    • hatheaks says:

      Hello Antoniyah,
      I am having a great Thanksgiving. It was so nice outside that we ate our Thanksgiving meal outdoors.
      I hope you have had a great day too!
      Mrs. Theakston

    • Antoniyah says:

      i had a great time it was so fun and i got to get in a bouce house and that was fun and we did more stuff and i might not come to school Monday my mom said…..but i want to come i think im coming i don’t know yet but have a good day again and i will try to come to school monday if i come i will have a great day and no being bad at all….

  39. Manar says:

    Mrs.Theakston I need a help on 14. on the VS study guide.

  40. Jeremiah says:

    I already tried Virginia Trekkers Mrs. Theakston

  41. Imani says:

    Mrs. Theakston,
    I left my notebook on my desk. I need my words. Can you send them to me.

  42. Jeremiah says:

    Mrs. Theakston what sites should I get on for my project

  43. Jeremiah says:

    Hi im working on my project

  44. Jeremiah says:

    It’s Jeremiah I finished both activity

  45. Kayry says:

    Hey mrs. Theaston it’s kayry I am done

  46. Jeremiah says:

    Hey Mrs. Theakston I loved the leason today and can’t wait til Monday.

  47. William says:

    Hello Mrs.Theakston how are you doing?

    • hatheaks says:

      Hello William, I am doing well. I have been really busy putting the classroom back together. You will have to stop by during Open House and see the changes I made and let me know what you think.

    • hatheaks says:

      Hello Tameya! I have missed seeing you this summer. I hope that you have had a great break. Let me know all the fun things you have done over the past two months.

  48. William says:

    Hi Mrs. Theakston how as your summer been so far?

    • hatheaks says:

      Hi William,

      I am having a great summer, how about you? I am taking a class at JMU this week with Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Turner. I get to be the student and learn great things all day. You will love this, I even have homework!

      Keep in touch.

      Mrs. Theakston

  49. Sanaa Shaw says:

    My mom wants to know if she was supposed to get a reminder for the Spanish camp

  50. Sanaa Shaw says:

    I just started watching the webcam

  51. William says:

    Mrs. Theakston on number 4 for the math it equals zero is that right?

  52. Marc Turner says:

    how many pages am i suppose to do in the gemetry

  53. Sanaa Shaw says:

    I really wanted to come to Sol night but I can’t

  54. nathan says:

    Do we have to simplify on homework tonight.(Adding unlike fractions 3/30/15

  55. Shermesha says:



  56. Marc Turner says:

    do u want a page done on the decimal packet

  57. Angelina says:

    Hi, Mrs. Theakston. I really wish all these snow days would go away, but real reason I’m sending this message is to ask you if I could put something else on the right side of the box on my project because I’m doing Sally Hemings and she really didn’t change the world. She was a slave that worked for Thomas Jefferson. That’s really all she did. Do you have anything else I could do on the right side of the box or anything she did that I could put? See you when this snow clears up!!!!!!!!!

  58. Sydney says:

    Hey Mrs.Theakston, how is teaching 4th grade going? I know I’m in 6th grade right now but that doesn’t mean I can’t still go on your blog☺️ I just wanted to say Hi and maybe I can come visit donohoe again

    • hatheaks says:

      Hi Sydney! I miss seeing you at school this year. I love seeing the pictures your mom puts on Facebook. I am so proud of you for winning an award at your new school.

  59. Tameya says:

    Hi Ms.Theakston I went on the google drive umm how do you get to the promt if I would go somewhere where would it be…. I can not find it and I looked all over my google drive. What my question is How do you get to the prompt

  60. kimora says:

    Mrs.Theakston my mom doesn’t belive me that for math crossword puzzle is Laryington say I’m right pleeease?

  61. Will says:

    Mrs.Theakston it will not let me get on the reading log

    • hatheaks says:

      Are you opening the link from the links side of the page? Scroll down to “School Information” and click on “Reading Log.” I have received responses from others so it should be working. Try it again and if it does not work then I will work with you in the morning.

  62. Angelina says:

    Hi Mrs.Theakston ,This is Angelina.

  63. lacie martin says:

    in the winter they would take the skin off of deer and use it as a blanket

  64. lacie martin says:

    mrs.Theakston kimora on raz kids spending all of my stuff she look a my password

  65. lacie martin says:

    Mrs.Theakston how many points our you suppose get on raz kids because I have one thousand three hundred thirty

  66. kimora says:

    mrs theakston I need your username to raz kids

  67. lacie martin says:

    hi mrs.thinkston on severe weather on paige 19 what is that a picture of see you tomorow

  68. Angelina Miles says:

    Hi Mrs. Theakston,
    Please tell Angelina I dropped off her fundraiser envelope.

  69. William Rike says:

    Please can you post my word study words because I left it in my desk?

  70. Angelina Miles says:

    Were we suposed to take home for homework tonight beacause I didn’t bring it home.

    • hatheaks says:

      Angelina you have a reading worksheet, a math worksheet, 1 menu activity for word study (you can just complete two tomorrow night), and study for your Virginia Studies Geography test. You can just make up the reading worksheet tomorrow night.

  71. larura turner says:

    How are resse and talor doing.

  72. larura turner says:

    Hello mrs. theakston it is Marc.T I just want to know how your weekend is going.

    • hatheaks says:

      Marc, I’m getting ready to attend a DAR meeting then I am going to spend the afternoon working on fun things for you and the class to work on in the near future.

      It looks like it is going to rain today so I hope that you can get some outside playing in before it starts to rain.

  73. Angel says:

    hi Mrs.Theakston I am at my grammas house that’s why the name is diffrent right now.

  74. kimora says:

    I think you made a mistake on 7 across my mom and I can’t figure it out we thout is was european seems it doesn’t go with 3 down. NEED HELP GIVE ME A HINT PLEASE! By the way see you tommorow if I don’t get sick. bye!

  75. Nathan says:

    hay Ms. Theaktson enjoying your blog!!!!

  76. Angelina Miles says:

    Hi Mrs. Theakston. This is Angelina. I just wanted to say Good Morning and see you later.

  77. larura turner says:

    Hey Mrs. Theakston it is Marc .T i just want to know how your weekend is.

    • hatheaks says:

      Marc T. I am enjoying my weekend so far. Yesterday I worked around the house and ran errands. Today I am headed out to VA Beach for a soccer game. Unfortunately, it looks like it is going to rain. If it is a light rain and there is no lightening the team will still play. I will tell you tomorrow about whether or not they play. I hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  78. Tameya says:

    hi how are u tis is tameya I had a great da at school today I love u being my teacher thanks

  79. hatheaks says:

    Hi Mrs. Theakston. I love being in your class this year.

  80. brandy says:

    hi mrs. theakston i miss you very much i am having a wonderful summer I started the VISTA science program today it was very fun i wish that you were teaching it !!!!

  81. brandy says:

    hi mrs theakston i am having a great summer i went to the VISTA science camp today, it was very exciting. i hope you have a great summer

    • hatheaks says:

      I miss seeing you everyday! I am so glad that you are having fun at camp. Remember to use your “Nature of Science” in class. Last year kids and adults went to the dinning hall for lunch the last day of class. It was so much fun. I hope that you get to do that too. Let me know what neat things you are working on in class.

  82. Rileigh says:

    Hi Mrs.Theakston how has your summer going I miss you so much I loved being in your class so much you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hatheaks says:

      Rileigh I miss you too! I had a nice relaxing week last week. This week I am in a reading academy every day. It is hard going from teacher to the student. Let me know if you do any fun things this summer.

  83. shermesha says:

    Hey Mrs.Theakston i hope things are Going well this summer
    i really miss being in your class.I am still working hard and i hope that i get to
    see you again next year if i don’t move away


    • hatheaks says:

      I miss seeing you everyday Shermesha. Did you do anything fun your first week off from school? I have a novel study on my blog if you want to complete it over the summer. The book should be at your local library.

  84. shermesha says:

    hey mrs.theakston i hope you guys are having fun
    at jamestown.i bet you guys are learning alot.iam having fun to i graded papers
    in mrs.martins class ad rad books and helped
    them with there work.i am in mrs.collins class now
    i just finished helping some of her students with work and i helped
    mrs.pace at lunch andshe gave me 20 dollars.so yeh i had fun.SEE YOU TOMORRW!!!!!!!!

  85. Adam says:

    I miss STEM Camp. I wish it was not over. #STEMCAMP

  86. Hannah Paige Brown HPB says:


  87. Hannah Paige Brown HPB says:

    I miss STEM camp. It was fun. I want to learn more about the Ganges. I filled out the google doc survey. The only reason I won’t be in a STEM career is because I plan to be an English+Drama teacher. But I really enjoyed STEM camp and you should do it again next year. I wish I would be here for another fantastic fun-filled scientific seven weeks!

    • hatheaks says:

      I enjoyed teaching you Hannah. You will do great things in this world. When you become a drama teacher you will have to invite me to one of your plays.

  88. shermesha says:

    i hope everyone is having a great time on spring and it is a
    honor to be in your class mrs.theakston.

  89. Brandy says:

    hope you feel well

  90. Sydney says:

    Hey Mrs Theakston! πŸ™‚

    • hatheaks says:

      I Sydney how are you doing? You must have been working on your STEM camp challenge. I am looking forward to seeing you at camp tomorrow. We will be working on materials to filter our water.

  91. Destiny says:

    Hi Mrs. Theakston, I’ve started on my stem home challenge and I’m just wondering if sticky notes is an option? I believe it is, but just in case please reply and let me know!
    P.S. I love the stem program, thanks for picking me!

    • hatheaks says:

      I am so glad that you are enjoying STEM. You may use post it notes/ sticky notes. If you go to the camp link on my blog you will find ideas for the challenge. I just added post it notes ideas last night. I can not wait to see what you make.

  92. Alyssa says:

    hello! injoy your wonderful weekend this is (miss sassy pants!)

  93. Brandy, Aniya ,and Airielle says:

    missed you friday we were not expecting a substitute,but were having alot of fun with Mrs. Bush !!!!!!!!!!

  94. Brandy, Aniya ,and Airielle says:

    we were not expecting a substitute,but we having alot of fun with Mrs. Bush

  95. Ai-Zane says:

    Hi Mrs.Theakston I’m doing well in fifth grade we just started mean, median, mode, and range! has your class started doing brownie points ? every time we do well in a special or get a compliment we earn a brownie point !

  96. Brandy ,Aniya and Airelle says:

    hi Mrs. Theakston miss you friday we had fun with Mrs. Bush

  97. Bria says:

    Hi Ms.Theakston hope your class is being and doing their best!

  98. Ai-Zane' says:

    Hi Mrs.Teakston I know I’m in 5th grade now but, still have your blog on my home page love, Ai-Zane’

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