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Sep 21

Back to School Conversation Tips!

Whether your child is starting school for the first time or if your child is returning for another fantastic year, the first month of school can be both exciting and stressful for kids…and parents. Asking open-ended questions is a great way to find out more about your child’s first weeks and get a feel for how they are transitioning. Below are some awesome conversation starters, take a look!


Avoid These Questions

Try These Instead

  • How was school?
  • What’s the biggest difference between this year and last year?
  • Did you have fun at school?
  • What was the best thing you did at school?
  • Who did you sit with?
  • Tell me the names of the four kids who sat closest to you.
  • Was your teacher nice?
  • What was the most interesting thing your teacher said today?
  • What class rules did your teacher say are important?
  • What did your teacher say she likes to do?
  • Did your teacher go over the daily schedule with the class?
  • What is the best thing about your daily schedule?
  • Did you have everything you needed for school?
  • Was there anything you wish you had at school that you didn’t have today?
  • Were the kids in your class nice?
  • Who did you enjoy talking with the most?
  • Did anyone have anything fun or interesting to talk about?
  • Did you get your schedule?
  • Which days look best on your schedule?
  • Are your friends in your classes?
  • Tell me two kids you remember from each class.
  • Was the work hard?
  • What was the best thing your teacher asked you to do in ______ today?
  • Did you play with anyone at recess?
  • What were most kids doing at recess?
  • What was the best game at recess?
  • What did you talk about at recess?
  • How was lunch?
  • Who sat near you at lunch?
  • What were the other kids eating for lunch?
  • What was the funniest thing someone said at lunch?

(National Center for Learning Disabilities, 13 Questions to Ask Your Child About School)

Sep 12

5th Grade Parents: IB Info for middle school – optional program/application process

HCPS IB Program at Moody Middle School  <—Check out this link for more information! 

Aug 19

Welcome back returning Gators, and welcome to Greenwood, new Gators!!

I’m Ms. Guelig, your school counselor. Please look around on my blog to get an idea of my role and how I can support your little one. I love what I do and can’t wait to see you! Back to school can be a big transition, so make sure you take full advantage of 5th Grade Gator Camp, Open House, and Back to School Night!

Jun 14

Touch-A-Truck with PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade was AWESOME!!

Jun 12

Career Day Was a BIG Hit!!! Thank you!!!!



Jun 08

Attention 5th Grade Parents/Guardians! Hungry Creek Middle School Info

Please make every effort to attend this one-day middle school program with your child. These flyers went home with your child today.

May 16

Last Meeting for the Buddies Club was on May 11

We had an awesome time with the Buddies Club this year! Once a month, 12 Fifth Grade students paired up with 12 Kindergarten students to read, play games, and connect. 

May 16

End-of-the-Year Tips for Parents/Guardians!

Warmer weather, seasonal allergies, state testing, and wondering about next year…all of this can affect your kiddo this time of year. As we head into the homestretch at Greenwood, let’s all stick together to make this last month of school as stress-free as possible and get your child off to a great start next year! Below are some tips for parents to keep in mind as your child starts the count-down until summer break.

5 tips to help ease the end-of-the-school-year jitters!


Mar 29

Beyond High School…it’s not too early! College and Career Readiness

Think elementary is too early to start thinking about college and careers?  No way! Here is information about career fair dates, helpful websites, opportunities for exposure to colleges and careers, and much more. Please scroll down for more information.



 Spirit Week for College and Careers: April 3 – 7 

Career Day for Grades 2-5: June 12

Touch-A-Truck for PreK-1st Grade: June 14

CLICK HERE to get tips and facts about college and career readiness in elementary.


Whenever you are out in the community with your child, you are exposed to someone’s job/career. Help your child develop career interest awareness by asking them questions about what this person does:

  • What type of training you think they needed?   What kind of education do you think they might have? What tools are needed?
  • What skills are needed for this job? Why do we need people to do this job? What would happen if we didn’t have this job?
  • What do you think would be fun about this job? What is not fun?


Check out these awesome college and career websites for kids! There are TONS of information, activities, games, and quick assessments that will help you and your child explore the world of college and careers.  –General career exploration website for ALL ages  –General career exploration website for ALL ages –General career exploration website for ALL ages –General career exploration websites for YOUNGER kids

Careers in the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)

Unusual Careers

Henrico Career and Technical Education Website — Always good to know what Henrico programs are available for students in high school!

Disney’s Monster University –A pretend website that has the look and feel of a real university/college homepage!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) 

NASA Careers in Science Exploration Website for Kids! 

Careers at the Zoo  –Great website for 4th and 5th grade girls interested in STEM careers  –Learn more about specific careers and opportunities in the STEM field  –Explore the world of science  –Cool science games that use critical thinking and application! –Video game challenge for 5th graders and middle school students

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