Southeast Operation K-12 Executive Exchange

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Today, I attended a web conference at the CISCO office here in Richmond. When I got there, Mike Bouis took me to a room that was absolutely stunning. Everything was coordinated perfectly for a web conference from the lighting to the paint to of course the technology. I rarely get to participate in a web conference at all and have never participated in a web conference with this many participants streaming at once.

Cisco pulled together some fantastic speakers who had some great (and free) ideas and services to offer districts involved in 1:1 initiatives. The school districts were from around the Southeastern United States. Below are some notes I took from the roundtable discussions:

Jim Lengel:

Jim outlined a 7 step process for districts to successfully launch a 1:1 initiative.

Strategic planning involves all stakeholders. What should schools should look like as a day in the life of the student? End products consist of sketches, etc. that might be turned into a video.

Companion website with different videos and scripts. Book is called: Seven Steps to Better Schools

Leslie from Project Red and One-to-One Institute

  • Authentically transforming teaching and learning to student centered learning.
  • Nevada – statewide implementation following Project Red design.
  • Leadership summits, project management, PD, blended models, strategic planning, evaluation, CCSS assessment coaching.
  • Can’t rely on temporary, federal, or state funding for one-to-one.
  • Spray and pray of one-to-one initiative is typical and does not work.
  • Almost double the cost of the device should be factored in for PD and rollout support.

Aaron Sams from Flipped Learning

  • 58% of the time new content is being introduced.
  • 36% of the time practicing and deepening new content.
  • Only 6% on higher level cognitive tasks.

Flipped learning conference July 14, 15, 16 in Michigan. – PLN

1:1 Mobile Learning with Travis Allen

iSchool initiative

Pep rally for roll out. 40 foot tour bus with a mobile classroom.

Student mentorship program – once a week students stay after to train teachers on how to use interactive whiteboards.

Travis would be great with: How do you motivate students and teachers to see the vision for a new way of instruction?

Transition from a fear of change to a fear of what will happen if we don’t change.

Brent Bushnell with TwoBitCircus – good for conference style or a technology fair. STEAM carnival. This would be great for EDTech or Henrico 21.

Open source version of materials where you can build some of the activities. DC is also looking at a Two Bit Circus – perhaps sharing cost. Also consider cost sharing for a regional event.

Part I is Professional Learning to empower students to make their own games. Part II is the travelling event.

JPL started to look at hiring practices because engineers were not as creative. They found more success hiring students from voc ed programs with more hands-on programs. (great buy in point)

Lucian Vattel with GameDesk – has over 800 lessons. Playmaker funded by Microsoft.

Emotional game that reads your pulse and has you calm yourself down to accomplish goals – Dojo (frustration, fear, and anger) Breathing exercises, etc. This would be of tremendous help with behavior intervention.

Educade – Over 1,000 apps and lessons. Persona pages. Launching a new version at ISTE. Diagnostic tool (app) for Superintendent’s.

Substitute Information for Teachers

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Teachers, as you prepare for the new school year, prepare for emergencies by getting your substitute folders in order.


STEP 1: Watch the overview video (here’s the Overview PowerPoint).


STEP 2: Read the Teacher Substitute Memo.

STEP 3: Get your red folder for planned absences from Mr. Marshall and sign off that you have viewed this post.

STEP 4: Prepare and print your Sub Folder Planned Absence packet. Include all items. These will be checked on September 23rd.

STEP 5: Pick up your content emergency folder from Mr. Marshall’s office. Review and update it with your content team, prepare and attach this Emergency Plans Cover Sheet and return the folder to Mr. Marshall by September 23rd.