FRIDAY, NOV. 10, 2017

What an exciting week with playing instruments, singing and dancing!  Dancing?!? Yes! grades K-5 learned the Turkey Trot, another popular barn dance – square dance activity. Ask your “hen” or “tom” to demonstrate the moves.  Join in and have some fun!

Our 5th graders honored our invited guests, our Armed Forces Veterans, with the annual Veterans’ Day program. Great singing and speaking presentations. Take the time this weekend to thank a Veteran if should happen to him or her while you are out and about and stay warm this weekend!

Mr. Krauss

Halloween Week

A busy, fun week for sure!  K – 2 read the book BIG PUMPKIN and sang some pumpkin songs, too. By the way, did you know that the pumpkin is a fruit? Why? It has seeds, just like the banana and the infamous tomato!  Ask your musicians!

Speaking of musicians, K –  5 learned to play some easy accompaniments using the xylophones, metallophones, maracas, triangles, claves, electric keyboards, bells and glockenspiels. Hand drums, djembes and tubanos were also included.

Additionally, 5th grade continued improving their stage presence and performance in preparation for our annual Veterans Day Program, Friday, Nov. 10th @ 8:30 am in the Gymatorium. Here is information regarding concert attire:




Parents are welcome to attend. Hope to see you there!

Enjoy the weekend!

Mr. K



We had another exciting musical week. We learned about bats, sang and played  a “batty” song – THE BAT DANCE, and grades 4 & 5 learned and performed a dance that has its roots from Ireland, England & Scotland – the VIRGINIA REEL,  which incorporates many of the dance styles of the Irish Jig.  On to the Barn Dance!

As we continue to prepare for our November 10th Veterans’ Day Program, we reviewed a popular Patriotic song – “YOU’RE A GRAND OLD FLAG,” by George M. Cohan.  The entire school will be singing this selection as the finale to our program honoring our country’s veterans.  Thank you for your service, Veterans!

Enjoy the weekend!

Mr. Krauss



We learned about and did some square dancing, playing the drum set, xylophones and glockenspiels (bells) and created musical rhythms using pies and fruits.  Ask your musicians, they’ll fill you in!

1st & 2nd graders – start searching for jingle bells, snowman shirts, winter hats, gloves, maybe even a snowboard and sled – getting ready for our January performance. Details to follow.

4th grade took their recorder written pre-test. Collected data will from the pre-test will assist the musicians with learning how to read music and rhythms.  Recorders have not arrived yet, however, should be here sometime in the latter part of the 2nd marking period.

5th Grade continues to perfect our military branch songs and patriotic music as we prepare our November 10 Veterans Day Program. Please find your patriotic shirts, or red, white & blue shirts.  Jeans or dark pants and sneakers. No leggings, jeggings, running shorts or shorts are permitted for this performance.  Additional information will be sent home with your child.

Hope everyone enjoyed the Fall Festival – I know Mr. Runk & did!

Mr. Krauss

Music Week ending Oct. 6, 2017

Well, we had some great moments creating music from candles on cakes, running around the corn, and making high and low sounds. In addition, in 4th & 5th grades, we began learning segments of the popular tune, Uptown Funk, playing xylophones, metallophones, cowbell, maracas, drums and piano!

Ask about our “Musical Bakery” where we used pies, apples, cherries, peaches, pumpkins, lemons, pears and plums (pictures) – Oh MY! I mean, OH PIE, and where we continued reading picture rhythms and clapping the rhythms.  We even created “Musical Menus” using the listed “ingredients.” See “package” listed above for details.

Our Kaechele School Song has been learned by some of our newest friends and a great review for our returning Coyotes.

5th grade continues reviewing and preparing for our Veteran’s Day program on Friday, Nov. 10th in the morning – details to follow.

1st & 2nd Graders – start looking for jingle bells and sleigh bells which we will use in our GRAND FINALE for our January 25, 2018, WINTER PROGRAM.

Keep on playing, singing and dancing!

Mr. Krauss

MUSIC 9/29/17


We listened to steam and electric powered calliopes as we learned about the fair. Also, Katherine Lee Bates and Zebulon Pike were introduced regarding “America, the Beautiful, ” which was written as a poem by Katherine Lee Bates, inspired by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.  Pike’s Peak was named in memory of Zebulon Pike commemorating  Pike’s attempt to climb the highest mountain in the Rockies.

If you attend the VA State Fair, have a great time!


Mr. Krauss

MUSIC 9/21/2017

HAPPY FALL! Wow, I cannot believe we have completed the 3rd week of school! This week we continued to learn traditional folk songs, the C scale ascending and descending while playing the xylphones, metallaphones and glockenspiels (bells).

We continue to introduce music vocabulary, i.e., time signature, steady beat, rhythm, quarter notes and quarter rests.

FIRST GRADERS! If you have SLEIGH BELLS, or WRIST style JINGLE BELLS, get them ready for JANUARY!!!

The 5th grade continues learning Patriotic and Armed Forces songs as we prepare for our Veterans Day program on November 10th! Details regarding school appropriate attire for the program will be available soon.

Have a great weekend, Coyotes!

Mr. Krauss

Music 9/15/17

We had a great week with all classes learning about the C scale, ascending v descending; playing mallet instruments, etc.  We also practiced being detectives as we viewed a picture and then asked questions as to content of the picture. Discovering how to view, recall and arrive at solutions / conclusions!

5th grade has a special assignment – memorizing the lyrics for the NAVY song as we continue to prepare for our VETERANS DAY PROGRAM, Friday, November 10th @ 8:30 am in the Gym.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Krauss


This week all grades were introduced to the Music Room, rules / expectations, behavior consequences and emergency procedures including, fire / tornado / earthquake / lock down and signal blue.

As time permitted, fun songs were sung and the 5th grade began practicing selections for the NOVEMBER 10 VETERAN’S DAY PROGRAM. Lyrics and music are posted on my blog.

Next week – focusing on Tempo / Steady beat and notation reading.  Have a great weekend!

Mr. Krauss