12/6 News

Our homework board reads:

*No Reading Responses due for the month of December

*Read Theory ~ at least 2 Read Theory passages a week.  We are logging these on our Literacy Stations 12-4-17. click for a copy of our Literacy Stations checklist

*Reflex Math ~ at least 2 green lights a week (more if students are not close to mastery!)

*VA Studies ~ Review ISN notes every night.  We glued in a ‘Study Guide” at the beginning of our Colonial Life unit.

*Spelling ~ Students will get new lists!  Activities for all three groups are due on Tuesday 12/12 and the quizzes will be on 12/13!

*Cafe Cinema ~ Friday 12/8 and FlashLight Friday ~ don’t forget a towel and a flashlight!

*Market Day forms are due 12/8

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In addition to staying up to date on your reactions, I’ve made some FUN quizzes on a new site called “Quizizz”.  This is very similiar to Kahoot, so I know you will have fun.

You will go to Quizizz.com & enter your name.  Since this gives reports, please use your real name.  We can use fun names during Kahoots! 

You will have until Monday, Nov. 20th to complete these quizzes.  Don’t panic – I’ve only put about 9-10 questions on each quiz.   This should be FUN, and I know you will take it seriously.   

Below, you will find the Game Code for each quiz:

VS3 Jamestown Part A = 763739

VS3 Jamestown Part B = 031371

VS3 Jamestown Part C = 565442

VS3 Jamestown Part D = REVIEW first – Governement is tricky!  687473

VS3 Jamestown Part E = 851962

VS3 Jamestown Review (are you ready?) – 717532

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October News

Here is a picture of our October calendar, so far.  I hope to have our blog calendar up and running tomorrow.

Don’t forget that on Wednesday, we start Shady Grove’s “Spirit SUCCESS WEEK”!     Wednesday, Oct. 4th is Dress Like A PE Teacher Day                                                     Thursday, Oct. 5th is Black Out Day                                                                                       Friday, Oct. 6th is Shady Grove Spirit Wear Day                                                                       Monday, Oct. 9th is Jersey Day & 1/2 day for Students                                                    Tuesday, Oct. 10th is RED Out Day                                                                                    Wednesday, Oct. 11th is Wacky Wednesday

Math ~ We are finishing Place Value and will test by Wednesday.  I am meeting with each student to double check that they are ready.  We will move onto Graphing Wednesday.  (Daily Math Review is a weekly Math Review with 5 questions M-Th.  Can my Shining Star work ahead?  YES!!  We will check the activity for the day and take a review quiz every Friday.)

VA Studies ~ Bravo!  We had great success on our first test:  VA’s Five Regions!  We will meet the first inhabitants of VA:  VA’s Indians!   Please remind your Shining Star to bring home their VA Studies ISN every night.   They can reread the lesson notes and make sure their reactions are completed.   Today we voted that our 5 Regions R.A.F.T.s will be due on Friday, Oct. 6th as well  as VA’s 5 Regions Sensory Poems.

Reading & Fab Vocab ~ VA Studies Weekly #4 (We are skipping #3 until we reach America’s Government).  Our reading will come from many different sources.  While I am testing students for reading levels, we will use our VA Studies Weekly as our on grade level text.  Student can read the articles at school and at home.   Students are always allowed to use their newspapers for the quizzes on Fridays.  

Reading Responses ~ The Reading Responses so far have been great!  We have new topics for the month of October.   Responses are due every Friday, however, you may turn them before Friday. 

Fab Vocab is a vocabulary program that will help our Shining Stars learn new words that will aid them in comprehending text.  Students are in teams of 5 and have chosen their “expert” word.  As the expert, will use a Vocabulary Mapping organizer to research their word.  I’ve included a picture below.  By Wednesday, they will “teach” their word to their team.  (Hint:  The first two words of the week are antonyms of each other.)  This week our words are:  sluggish, rapid, brace, meek, and sassy.  We will have a quiz on Thursday.


English – Daily Dazzle is our grammar program.  We are on Week #4.  Students can work ahead – yes they can work on it at home and I have it marked as a reminder in their Literacy Stations.  Please remember that #20  is a writing prompt.  In class, we talked about it being a 4th grade paragraph – 5-8 sentences at the most.  

Spelling is also under “English” – We have 3 Spelling groups & your Shining Star knows which group they are in.   Wordly Wise & Word Trekker have activities due tomorrow, which includes a parent signature.  These two groups will take their spelling tests tomorrow.   Word Study Group’s activities are due on Wednesday & they will take their test Thursday.  They also have a parent signature as part of their activities.  

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News from the Nest

Here is a copy of our newsletter for the week of 9/18.  I keep these in the “News from the Nest” section of our blog.    9-18-17

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Welcome to 4th Grade

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!  I am so excited for the year 2017-18!  We are going to have a great year.   Can’t wait to see you on Tuesday, Sept. 5th.

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Digital Breakouts!

Click here to enter the world of Digital Breakouts!    Start thinking of a Digital Breakout that you can create next week.  Mrs. Brown will be in on Monday to show us the ropes!

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VS9 Web Games

20th Century Cloze

A Changing Virginia Rags To Riches

En Garde Famous People V.S. 9.swf
View Download

Grade or No Grade Famous People V.S. 9.swf
View Download

Important People Rags to Riches

Massive Resistance Pop-ups

Rural to Urban Rags to Riches

V.S. 9 Important People Hangman

V.S. 9 Rags to Riches Game

V.S. 9 Teacher Invader.swf
View Download

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Say Cheese!

Don’t forget to checkout videos and flipbooks under the “Say Cheese” tab.

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Marathon to the Mansion

IT has started!!  Please go to the VA Studies tab and then to Marathon to the Mansion to find out more.

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MAPs – Raise your score

Use these two sites to improve your MAPs scores.  We will take the SPRING test the first week of April.



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