The library at Glen Allen High School serves the needs of the students and faculty in a variety of ways. We have approximately 10,000 books in our library, and we add more each year!  In addition to books, we have 16 magazine subscriptions and we have the Richmond Times-Dispatch available every day.

There are 10 computers in the library for student use, and the student printers can function as a scanner for student projects.  Board games, Legos, puzzles, and coloring sheets with crayons are all available for use in the Cafe area of the library.

The Glen Allen High School faculty and staff believe in a collaborative approach to teaching and learning.  The library is an integral part of that process. Research databases, eLearning websites, collaborative partnerships, and print materials are available for students and teachers. These materials aid in building 21st Century Skills as well as supporting the Virginia Standards of Learning.

Hours of Operation

Monday 8:00-4:15
Tuesday 8:00-4:15
Wednesday 8:00-4:15
Thursday 8:00-4:15
Friday 8:00-4:00


Check Out:
1. Books and magazines may be checked out for 4 weeks at a time.
2. Students may check out up to five books or magazines at a time.
3. Books may be renewed unless they are on hold for another person.
4. The rate for overdue books is five cents per book each day the book is overdue.
6. Overdue notices will be sent out periodically to students through English classes.
7. Reference materials may be checked out at the end of the day and must be returned the next morning.

Replacement Fees for Lost Items:

1. Book that originally cost under $25 – $16
2. Book that originally cost over $25 – current list price (ex. a $30 book costs $30 to replace)
3. Paperback fiction book – $5
4. Replacement fee for a lost magazine – $2
5. Replacement fee for a lost audio book – current replacement cost (ex., a $60 audio book costs $60 to replace)
6. Replacement fee for one lost CD from an audio book – $7

Ms. Rebecca Hardin – School Librarian




Mr. Scott Mewborn – School Librarian

Ms. Marina Hernandez-  Library Assistant