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Our Nion had so much fun last soccer season, he is training for this year, ALREADY! He has gotten so much stronger over this past year. He invited one of his friends Terron to play at the park yesterday and Terron couldn’t even come close to stopping his goals. 5 years old and heading to the MLS!! He has picked up a couple of dribbling moves since last year now that his movement is so precise. He almost figured out how to do the “rainbow” (where you throw the ball over your head with your feet and it lands in front of you) and is ready to cross-up some opponents this season! The crazy thing is that we are not even forcing him to play soccer. Yesterday, Nion said “hey Dad, I love soccer so much, and i want to grow up and be a professional soccer player one day.” All of this is making me very happy because our kid is an amazing athlete, he couldn’t be happier, and when he gets home from practice, he goes STRAIGHT to bed!!!



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