Terron is now 5 and 6 months and join the local soccer team for his first year. The way he has developed in his game is outstanding. He is also making new friends along the way. He is still attached to us a lot that when we got to games he doesn’t stop looking over to see if we are still there. Terron is a baller, with just 5 games gone by he has 15 goals 15 assists and 10 steals. He has a love for the game and wants to continue playing it. He is an early frontrunner for MVP. He has grown up so much!


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  1. hcps-phelonkl says:

    Glad to hear about all the physical development! Gresley can’t be away from us either!! We always have to be near him. Sounds like he is going to be a soccer pro!

  2. hcps-coopernj1 says:

    Wow, just like Nion, I guess we are raising All Stars. Congratulations to Terron, he is so physically mature for his age, that is really good.

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