At 5 years old, there are so many things to post about!

Reyaan isn’t just painting, she can also write now! She’s learned how to write little words and Ryan and I are so proud! Reyaan even made friends that are girls and also boys! I guess she’s moved past the “cooties” stage.

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  1. Nick Bergman says:

    Its Great to see how much our kids have developed over the last 5 years. They’ve grown up so much haven’t they. I mean their all learning to write and draw. Going into kindergarten. Our child hasn’t really adjusted well with all of the new things in real school, but I’m sure she’ll get there. Well, it’s great to see how well you guys have raised her. Good luck.

  2. hcps-levinjm1 says:

    Jacma is past the “cooties” stage too! She always talks about her friend, Andrew. Jacma loves to paint and draw as well as Reyaan! She hasn’t started painting yet, but I hope that comes soon! I still have my first painting that I painted and I am sure Emma has her too!

  3. hcps-kwans says:

    It’s great that Reyaan is past the “cooties” stage. Our Terron still prefers boy playmates and he also only likes toys made specifically for boys. He refuses to play with girls and their barbies. I try to tell him that he’s wrong, but boy I shouldn’t have done that. Children his age do NOT like to be corrected! Wish me good luck! – Sharon Kwan

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