It’s Malane’s favorite time of the year! She has been singing Christmas songs for a few weeks and we can definitely tell she’s in the Christmas spirit! Not only does she love opening presents but also building relationships and seeing her family at get-togethers! She was able to write her own Christmas list this year which included more Barbies, a bike, an American Girl Doll, blocks, candy, a Leapster, and a play kitchen where she can pretend to cook dinner just like Mommy! Malane makes sure to include her sister because she feels bad if she’s left out which shows she’s sympathetic towards others. Our daughter is also great at getting ready! She can now fully put on her clothes and loves to pick out items that match! She’s turning into our little fashion diva! Malane likes to brush her own teeth because it gives her a sense of accomplishment and responsibility! Hopefully soon she will lose her first tooth and get a visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Category: 5-6 years

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