Ky’Rad is becoming such an outstanding individual every respect of the words.  After signing him up for his first sport, Little League Baseball, he has already demonstrated great prowess as a second baseman.  Three weeks into the season, and the coach is already talking so highly of him.  He says Ky’Rad has been showing a lot of energy in the field, as well as balance and coordination while on the plate.  Also, in preschool,  his teacher says that he is very engaged in the classroom and has a vast lexicon.  He is always attentive during the lessons and is an enthusiastic learner.  The teacher is very encouraged by that, and calls it a sign of growing up to be inquisitive, instead of aloof.  She showed me one of his paintings, and we were so impressed!    He is becoming so creative and artistic, as well as strong and athletic!


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