Remember, back when Reyaan was jumping around at her 2 year-old birthday party? Well, the jumping didn’t stop there!

At school, Reyaan learned how to jump rope and she came home and showed us! She jumped higher and higher every time and  she seemed to enjoy it a lot. Ryan and I are so glad that Reyaan has found yet another thing that she enjoys doing. 🙂


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  1. hcps-hoffmannb says:

    Its nice to see children being so energetic and playful. Now they are able to skip and stand on one foot for short periods of time. If your daughter keeps this up she could be a great jump roper! They can also hop on each foot separately which you should try to show her, I really think she would enjoy it! To think it was not to long along they were learning how to walk. It makes me tear up. They grow up so fast!

  2. hcps-leopoldme says:

    Reyaan is such a beautiful little girl! She must love outdoor activity to jump rope all day! It amazes me how much energy kids have compared to us adults. Our twins never stop moving and we just can’t keep up! We should have our social butterflies meet up for a play date so we can save ourselves the sore muscles. 🙂

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