Jacma is such a diva!  She loves to dress herself up in crazy costumes and then insists on wearing them.  She started kindergarten this week, and we could not be more proud.  Jacma is so independent and didn’t even throw a tantrum when we left.  Hopefully, she’ll make even more friends at school!  So far she loves it, she talks nonstop about what she did at school to us at dinner.  Jacma has such a loud personality, she says whatever is on her mind!  Unfortunately, she doesn’t have class with Andrew so she talks about him a LOT.  The other day she came home and showed us a picture that had a bunch of shapes that she had cut out and glued.  WHAT A SKILL!  She went to her friend’s birthday party last weekend and they did arts and crafts and she has become quite the artist.  She has now learned the skill of coloring IN THE LINES!!!  We hope that Jacma has a good influence on James, we want him to be just as social and talented as she is! HE HAS HIT THE TERRIBLE TWOS!! It’s amazing how fast they grow up!!

This is what Jacma dressed herself in for the first day of school....

This is what Jacma dressed herself in for the first day of school….

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  1. hcps-darlingea says:

    Looks like Jacma is starting Kindergarten with a fine fashion statement! Bremily loves to cut and paste as well, I have to make sure to keep important papers in a safe place because next thing I know they have transformed themselves into freshly cut mosaics that are plastered across the fridge! James is lucky to have such a great older sister to look up to.

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