Today, I took Bremily to the park.  I told her yesterday the we would go the next day on saturday.  She was very excited, it almost was like she couldn’t contain herself.  She kept telling about what she would do, and how long she wanted to stay, and what activities she would do. This morning, she woke me up at 7:00 am and jumped on my bed getting me ready to leave.  I told her we couldn’t go until 9:00.  We left at nine to the park up the hill, and the whole way there she was skipping.  I had never seen her skip like that, but she was hopping along, all the way there.  When we got there we were throwing around a styrofoam volleyball.  She would run for it, and she even slid for it one time.  Then her friend Beth came to the park, and she ran over to her.  She played with her, but she acted a little different.  I guess she was trying to impress her friend, but she was challenging her to races, and showing how fast she could do the handlebars.  Then she got out her kite, and showed Beth how high she could fly it.  I guess she wanted to make sure she looked good.

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  1. Emma Bumgardner says:

    That’s so adorable! Jacma loves spending time at the park on the weekends with her friends. She does get a little competitive, like Bremily, around her friends at the park, but we are just so proud she has done so well with her transition from preschool to kindergarten. I hope Bremily is liking kindergarten, we should have a play-date soon!

  2. hcps-greenma4 says:

    Greton can be juiced up at almost all the time, too! We like to let him play baseball in the backyard with a couple of his best pals. When he’s done for the day he tells us all about what he did his with friends , what they played together, what they talked about, and many other tales. Both Bremily and Greton like to talk, that’s for sure!

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