Gresley painted this masterpiece yesterday and gave it to me as a gift! I know he worked on it for a very long time, he even signed his name! Sitting up all proud and holding his paintbrush like a pro! Wow am I proud!! #prodigy

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  1. Nigel Cooper says:

    I am amazed at the talent of your kids. Their artistic talent is top notch, those paintings could be hung in a museum. Wow.

  2. hcps-leopoldme says:

    Gara is very interested in the arts too! She draws lines, shapes, and sometimes even her brother and friends. Our whole fridge is filled with her artwork! It’s a good thing Gaar doesn’t like drawing as much because I don’t know where we’d put it all! We should have Gara and Gresley have a play date sometime since they’re very social at this age.

  3. hcps-darlingea says:

    Wow look at that! Looks like he’s one step away from being the new Leonardo De Vinci. Bremily is still sticking to her stick figures with over-sized feet, so maybe sometime Gresley can give her art lessons!By the way, I love the Christmas picture 😉

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