Greton and his friend Julia love playing house together!  They were working on their “projects.”  We set up this little setting of a house for them to play in, to make it seem more creative to them, and they loved it!  Greton does have a hard time sharing and taking turns with the utensils with Julia while he makes his “project,” but we’re working on that!

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  1. hcps-newmg says:

    It’s awesome that Greton is meeting new friends! Malane loves to go out with her friends to places like the beach, bowling alley, and theatre! She also loves to draw and dress up with her friends.

  2. hcps-wilburbt says:

    Ya Bremily can have hard times sharing too. She also gets angry if she doesn’t get things her way. One day she through a fit because we couldn’t go to Sweet Frog.

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