Bettie’s new best friend’s dog died recently. Bettie was very sweet in trying to make her feel better and so one day we decided to have her over. They were playing together, with Bettie’s dolls. They shared the dolls and cooperated in the creation of the game. The dolls were rock-stars who needed to sing in order to save their friend. They have such an imagination! They even dressed up like singers! The hallway was filled with the angelic voices of four-year old girls! I hope that Bettie’s friend was at least a little happier after the play date.

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2 Responses to Someone Has a New BFF!!!

  1. hcps-bumgardeb says:

    Aw!! Bettie is too cute! I wish Jacma would share a little bit better, because as of right now she says and I quote, “It’s mine!” She loves to sing too, she is quite the entertainer. Do you have any tips to get her to share?

  2. hcps-miltonan says:

    Aw Bettie is so sweet, that’s so nice of her! Greton is very sympathetic of others and likes to make other people feel better. Greton doesn’t like to share his toys very well, should I be worried?

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