Terron is now 3 and a  half and already rocking the mic. He has been memorizing and singing all sorts of songs lately. His latest tune is “The Wheels on the Bus” which I have now heard 10 million times. Terron has quite the imagination too, he acts like he is singing on Broadway. He is also quite the young storyteller with the stories he tells me every night before bed. Our young Terron could be the next American Idol.

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  1. hcps-bumgardeb says:

    Terron is so cute! It’s amazing how fast they grow up! Jacma loves to sing and entertain us, sometimes we will even hear her humming when we put her down for bed. She loves to be the center of attention, and is a little jealous of our new baby James. But we don’t have to worry because she loves to sing songs and tell stories to him. We should set up a playdate soon so that they can entertain each other!

  2. hcps-farkasaj says:

    Our little Nion is also ALWAYS telling us stories. He is not the singer type but that is so cool that he is already singing! our little boy is always naming colors and telling stories, like every little 3 year old! He is also trying to play fantasy games with me!!! That is all he wants!! He is starting to count numbers and objects and everyone can actually understand his sentences now! How about Terron? I hope he does great in Broadway 😉

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