Latríck is the most creative child that we know! She is finally getting better at coloring, and she can even identify the colors by name! Using her great creativity skills, she has created herself an imaginary friend named Theodore. Theodore likes to do puzzles and color with her. Patrick and I have even begun to set Theodore a place at the table during dinner, because Theodore doesn’t like to be left out. 🙂 Theodore also joins us for her bedtime story, and lately Latríck has been loving to help Patrick and I make up her own story before bed, and every night we try to continue the story to help her strengthen her memory. Last night, we made up a story about Theodore and Latríck fighting off the evil pirates.

Latríck and her cousins looking for Theodore! :-)

Latríck and her cousins looking for Theodore! 🙂

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2 Responses to Latríck made a new friend! (he’s imaginary…)

  1. hcps-jagerkm says:

    Awwww Latríck has an imaginary too? Adele and her imaginary friend are inseparable!!! She has become part of our family lately!

  2. hcps-darlingea says:

    Latríck has such a fantastic imagination! Bremily is the same way she keeps telling me all these crazy stories about how her and her many “friends” had sword-fights with evil witches and escaped the hidden castle. She makes them sound so real and vivid! How I wish my imagination could be still be that wild!

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