imagesGreton’s teeth are beginning to grow in! He’ll have pearly whites in no time by the way he’s eating and playing!  Hopefully he’ll learn to take care of them soon, so they’ll stay white and beautiful!  Greton really is growing and developing in a big boy fast!  Where does all this time go!?

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  1. hcps-leopoldme says:

    Our twins are learning to brush their teeth! Sometimes they don’t even need our help. Their teeth are fully developed yet, but its good to get them started with some good habits.

  2. hcps-courtneln says:

    Wow – teeth already?! Our kids are growing up so quickly! Just the other day, Latríck held her own toothbrush without any assistance, she’s finally got that grasping reflex down! Can Greton brush his own teeth yet?!

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