Greton is growing in his teeth! He’ll have pearly whites in no time by the way he’s eating and playing!  Hopefully he’ll learn to take care of them soon, so they’ll stay white and beautiful!  Greton really is growing and developing fast!  Where does all this time go!?

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  1. hcps-hoffmannb says:

    It seems to see nice that your baby is smiling and energetic. It’s like you can’t keep them in control! Rolling, Crawling, Walking, etc, It seems like they never get tired! Its crazy to look back and realize they were not walking not too long ago and now you can’t get them to sit still.

  2. hcps-cochranhc says:

    Wow! Terron just got his teeth too. We are shedueled for the dentist this week. They will lose their first tooth before you know it the way time has flown by. Tell Greton congrats.

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