Greton has a new hobby!  It’s so adorable watching Greton attempt to climb the stairs, he’s better at it then I thought!  His little legs and muscles are growing and getting stronger every day!  Hopefully soon it’ll be easier for him to climb!

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4 Responses to Our Little Climber <3

  1. hcps-coopernj1 says:

    awww, that video is so cute, Nion is moving around too! 🙂

  2. hcps-bumgardeb says:

    Aw Greton is so cute! We will have to set up a playdate sometime soon! Jacma loves the stairs, she crawls up and then slides down. She even jumps over the last step (but we have to stand there to catch her) Hopefully she will be able to walk up the steps soon!

  3. hcps-kwans says:

    You’re right! It was so amusing watching him climb those stairs. Our toddler, Terron is already able to slowly walk up the stairs with some help. Try giving him some support like holding his hand,or encouraging him to lean against the wall. That way, he’ll be walking right up the stairs! Best wishes – Sharon Kwan

  4. hcps-lanebe says:

    Malane is finally able to climb stairs as well and I’m always scared she’s going to fall! Did Greton learn to crawl up the stairs by himself or did you teach him how to? What else can your baby do at this age?

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