Haha, it seems like the older he gets the more trouble he’s causing.  He got so messy when eating his cake on his 2nd birthday that he had to take a full bath.  Afterwards though, he was able to get dressed all by himself.  He’s feeling so independent.  Learning to walk just a few weeks ago, he has become very enthusiastic with his new outlet of exploring the world.  He tries to run around, but falls frequently because he hasn’t mastered the art…of walking.  Also, he’s been carrying around his toy bear around the house instead of just leaving and coming back to it.  He’s gotten so mischievous that when I told him it was bedtime yesterday, he retorted, “No no no! I big boy now!”

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2 Responses to Ky’Rad thinks he’s a big boy!

  1. hcps-farkasaj says:

    So does our boy!! All he does is point at things on the wall and imitate me!! he thinks he is 8. I hope your baby is not as spoiled as ours!

  2. Ryan O'Neill says:

    Reyaan is almost three years old now and she has started to do ballet and dancing in our living room! She has become a ball of energy

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