Adele is the only good dancer in the family 😛 She just loves twirling around like a little ballerina, prancing around the house. She doesn’t even fall over when she spins around any more! She is our little Dancing Queen!

Category: 2-3 years

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  1. hcps-wilburbt says:

    Ya Bremily will dance around too. I guess it’s because at this age they are able to develup there walking skill, and be better walkers. My bremily can lean over without falling, and step on her tipy toes. She will try to spin on her tipy toes, but I have to be around to catch her, because most of the time she falls.

  2. hcps-schowalgj says:

    Wow she is one active little girl. My little boy can dance to. Maybe we can have a dance off sometime. i think our little Gresley would win though. It is at this age that kids like to move around so this makes sense.

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