Grelsey has started daycare! He is one of the most popular kids at his daycare. Play-dates are typical at our house. At lunch he always shares some of the baby goldfish Grant and I pack for him with the other kids at his assigned table. One of his sharing faults is with his toys, they are his and he refuses to let anyone else play with them!! We are working with him . . .

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  1. hcps-russop says:

    I was really wondering when Latrick should start. With work and what not she can be too much to handle! And she could REALLY use some practice with her sharing skills. Any suggestion for some Local DayCares???

    • hcps-schowalgj says:

      1. Prestiguos promise academy (THis is where Grel goes)
      2. lille lady bugs
      3. Daresse Cares
      4. Fun in the sun Care
      5. Diane’s little dominos

  2. hcps-courtneln says:

    Patrick and I are having the same problem with Latríck! I’m jealous that Grelsey is even playing with kids at play-dates, Latríck just likes to play next to one of her friends. (Latríck loves the word ‘mine’ as well!)

  3. Abby Glaubit says:

    My son Bryan really enjoys all the goldfish Grelsey gives him! Bryan’s a little bit younger so he doesn’t like to share, but soon enough he’ll be sharing his animal crackers with Grelsey.

    • hcps-schowalgj says:

      She better because we are tired of supplying your heartless ruthless “Brian” with expensive high-end goldfish.

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