I cant believe that Terron is already 18 months old. It seems like yesterday he came into our lives. Terron is already taking his first steps and learning to walk! Of course he is falling sometimes but he is getting there.

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3 Responses to Terrons First Steps!!

  1. Ryan Koch says:

    It’s crazy to think that they were only crawling a few months ago

  2. hcps-deibelst says:

    Wow tell the little one that I say happy birthday! Did Terron just start walking? That seems pretty early to already to be taken multiple strides, but anyway congrats!

  3. hcps-lanebe says:

    Aw that’s awesome! Malane just turned one a few weeks ago! She’s beginning to walk independently as well but not as fast as we would like. She cries sometimes when she falls because she’s disappointed in herself. How did Terron learn to walk? What techniques did you use?

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