Caplsdkjfas;ldkjftureBaby Bremily is fascinated with mirrors.  She is always looking into them and giggling as she makes different faces.  I guess she knows that now it is her, not someone else.  She used to cry at the sight of another baby in the mirror, I guess she thought it was someone coming to steal her toys.  Now she will watch herself move, and watch her toys fly around as she moves them.  Maybe she is just imitating herself in the mirror.  She Imitates me.  Whenever I lift my arm, she does.  Its like the simpsons.  I purchased a fake toy car wheel and horn for when she is in the car with me.  She will turn the wheel when I do, and she will honk the horn when I do.  #MagieSimpson #MirrorsOnTheWall

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  1. hcps-leopoldme says:

    Gara will spend hours in front of the mirror too! She will play with her hair and make faces and laugh at herself. It’s really funny to watch! Gaar is still pretty scared of his reflection though. I don’t think he understands the concept. Gaar seems to be behind Gara in a lot of things like that. I wonder if that’s normal for twins…

  2. hcps-greenma4 says:

    That’s really neat! Greton likes to imitate mommy when he’s not overstuffed with his toys. Maybe we should try to get him to copy us when we read to him? Keep up the good job!

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