Our baby had her first play date early today! Malane is starting to be more independent by picking out her own clothes and brushing her own hair! She’s now almost two years old, but is still having a little bit of trouble sharing with others.  Malane is starting to make new friends and be more sociable by interacting with her friends! Malane has been walking completely on her own for months now! We couldn’t be more proud of our precious baby girl!

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2 Responses to Malane’s first play date!

  1. hcps-cochranhc says:

    Wow! That is so cool. Terron had his first play date the other week and he also does not know how to share well. His friend took his toy and boy did Terron throw the biggest temper tantrum. LOL. Terron and Melane should have a play date soon.

  2. hcps-darlingea says:

    Bremily is the same way when it comes to sharing. I’m arranging playdates left and right so she can work on her social skills. Malane and Bremmie should play together sometime!

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