The only time when Greton isn’t adorable, is when he’s throwing a temper tantrum.  He usually throws one when he’s frustrated or can’t do something on his own.  He’ll scream and cry until he gets what he wants or when he can’t solve a conflict!  Hopefully he’ll learn soon enough to control his emotions!


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  1. hcps-concepcsk says:

    I have been having the same problem with Gaar and Gara!! Whenever something goes wrong they are all screaming and tears! Morgan and I have started the strategy of having them count to 3 to calm down and if they haven’t then they have to spend a little time in the time out chair until they calm down. It is really starting to work!

  2. hcps-newmg says:

    Hopefully soon Greton will improve his emotions! Malane as of now is having similar issues! She can’t control her emotions when others are around her. Lately this has been when she doesn’t want to share!

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