I think after seeing Greton take a few steps, he’ll be a champion!!  He hasn’t learned how to walk well, and I dont expect that from him now, but I think he’ll make the track team and become a runner!  Practice makes perfect!  #champion

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3 Responses to Greton Will Be in the Olympics!

  1. hcps-levinjm1 says:

    Go Greton! That is awesome! Baby Jacma is starting to walk too! Our little track runners!

  2. hcps-jagerkm says:

    I can’t believe Greton is now walking! Adele, I think is a few steps ahead of him. She is getting steadier on her feet everyday!She has been climbing on everything lately… more baby gates here we come!!!

  3. hcps-wilburbt says:

    Ya, my Baby Bremily has started walking too. She does the same stumble thing, but it is very cute. You have to watch out though, the stumbling often leads to a fall, and so be there to catch him.

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