Greton cannot stop playing Peek-a-boo!  He loves the game!  Greton wants to play it 24/7, I’m worried he’ll never stop wanting to play!  What’s funny is, he doesn’t know what’s happening, it’s just too adorable!  I wish I remembered playing this!

Category: 6-12 months

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3 Responses to PEEK-A-BOO GRETON!

  1. hcps-kwans says:

    Greton is adorable. Terron used to LOVE peek-a-boo! He’s almost 12 months now so I have a feeling what he’s thinking is ‘mom and dad, I KNOW YOU’RE THERE!!’

  2. hcps-schowalgj says:

    My little Gresley likes to play peekaboo to. Sensorymotor children are so cute when they don.t have object permanence. They don’t know you still exist when you cover your face. So cute.

  3. hcps-hearnska says:

    Greton is so cute! I love his smile! Bettie loves Peek-a-boo, too! During the day, the only thing she seems interested in is playing peek-a-boo or being tickled! I guess she just loves to laugh!

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